Thursday, October 23, 2008

Moving Day

I am starting to use my new blog site and allow this site to linger. At least to see what happens over there.

I hope you will continue to read my blathering.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Biden: Obama Ready for Armageddon Showdown He Will Provoke

The 'hawk does it again! drain your bladder to avoid accidents when you go read the reast of this.

iowahawk: Biden: Obama Ready for Armageddon Showdown He Will Provoke: "Biden: Obama Ready for Armageddon Showdown He Will Provoke

SEATTLE -- Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden promised a group of supporters Sunday that running mate Barack Obama "will absolutely 100% trigger a nuclear Armageddon kinda thing" within the first 20 minutes of his presidency, but added that "Barack Obama is looking forward to this apocalyptic opportunity to test his mettle, because he totally aced his LSATs."

"Mark my words," Biden promised at the Seattle fundraiser Sunday. "There will be an international crisis. The world will be looking. They'll say, hey, here is this handsome, clean, ar-ti-cu-late young president, not unlike a very, very tanned John Fitzgerald Kennedy, dancing at his inaugural ball with his beautiful wife who is not unlike a very very very extremely tanned Jackie. And our enemies will think, 'ba ha ha, look at how thees seely new Amerikanski preseedent dances so! Such skeels can only be from many years in zee dancing school, where theys do not teaching the toughness! Launch zee meesiles!' But these enemies are in for a big surprise. America's foes must never confuse Barack Obama's terrific dance floor moves with weakness -- because as an Afro-American African, Barack is a natural dancer."

"Listen, I can sit here all day and give you at least sixty or seventy scenarios from where it might originate," Biden said. "Iran, Russia, definitely France. India is a possibility because they have sleeper cells in all the 7-11s, and the Koreans with all their toxic dry cleaning chemicals. I wouldn't be surprised if Spain or Portugal started thinking, hey, ese, let's do a driveby and recolonize the New World." "

Obama 'admits' Kenyan birth?

If this was a Republican on either side of this lawsuit, the Media would be eating it all up. Since it is internal to the Dems, it can be safely ignored. This helps to explain why the Media hate the alternative news sources like the bloggers and the other New Media.

Why won't Obama answer with a real birth certificate? He has one, right?

Obama 'admits' Kenyan birth?: "Pennsylvania Democrat Philip J. Berg, who filed a lawsuit demanding Sen. Barack Obama present proof of his American citizenship, now says that by failing to respond Obama has legally 'admitted' to the lawsuit's accusations, including the charge that the Democratic candidate was born in Mombosa, Kenya.

As WND reported, Berg filed suit in U.S. District Court in August, alleging Obama is not a natural-born citizen and is thus ineligible to serve as president of the United States. Though Obama has posted an image of a Hawaii birth certificate online, Berg demands that the court verify the original document, which the Obama campaign has not provided.

Now Berg cites Rule 36 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which states that unless the accused party provides written answer or objection to charges within 30 days, the accused legally admits the matter.

Since Obama has only filed motions to dismiss and has not actually answered the charges in the lawsuit, Berg claims, according to Rule 36, Obama has legally admitted he is not a natural-born citizen.

Now Berg is asking the court for a formal declaration of Obama's admission and asking the Democratic National Committee for another presidential candidate."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Going Gray -- and Making it Pay -- on Turtle Bay - Going Gray -- and Making it Pay -- on Turtle Bay? - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News: "Double-dipping, anyone?

The United Nations, with a headquarters staff of approximately 15,500, is apparently relying on a battalion of retirees to fill important vacancies. The cost of keeping codgers on its payroll to do jobs that full-time employees apparently cannot handle has soared from $33 million in 2004-2005 to $50 million in 2006-2007.

In the process, the world organization appears to have been violating its own limits on how much retirees are allowed to earn after they take a U.N. pension, and how long they can be kept on the job. Those rules were seemingly designed to prevent double-dipping by former workers, or the filling of jobs that might otherwise go to full-time staff.

But one small group of pensioners — 135 people in all — appear to have done far, far better than anyone else in breaking through the post-retirement salary ceiling. That group, consisting of higher-level professional and administrative employees, and representing little more than 10 percent of the total number surveyed, pulled in $11.4 million, or more than 20 percent of the amount spent on the growing post-retirement work force, according to an internal U.N. study on the group."

Bin Laden's plan for 'global fireball'

With all the wildfires consuming the West, especially California, how would anyone know if it is started by terrorists? As plans go, this is not a bad one. Good cover so that it is hard to pin on the terrorists.

Bin Laden's plan for 'global fireball': "Documents recovered from a remote area along the Pakistan border have revealed that Osama bin Laden wants al-Qaida to launch a 'global fireball' by lighting forest fires in Europe, the United States, Australia and South America, according to a report from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

The documents, uncovered during an operation led by the British intelligence service MI6, have been described by experts in that agency as 'the most worrying [plot] that the world is facing.'

The catastrophic wildfires would not only produce an environmental disaster but would stretch emergency services often beyond their limit and leave insurance companies facing multi-billion-dollar claims for damages that could effectively destroy the already shattered economies of a number of countries."

Terrorists Attack Turkish Embassy

I wonder how long it took for security to arrive at this embassy? Finland is not exactly known as a hot bed of terrorism.

The Jawa Report: Terrorists Attack Turkish Embassy: "Terrorists Attack Turkish Embassy

(Helsinki, Finland) Four members of the Kurdistan Workers Party, known as the PKK, were arrested for an attack on the Turkish Embassy early this morning. One person was injured.

The attack occurred only a few hours after Kurds demonstrated outside the embassy in support of Abdullah Ocalan, the jailed leader of the PKK.

The door of the embassy building was set ablaze around 3:00 am (0000 GMT), though the fire was quickly detected by a police patrol and extinguished, police said.

'We have four young men detained and we are questioning them to determine if they were involved,' chief inspector Markku Stenberg told AFP.

Finnish media reported some of the detained were of Kurdish origin, but Stenberg would not comment on those reports.

While police said no one was injured in the attack, the embassy said in a statement that the blaze had 'caused material damage in the entrance of the embassy and one functionary was hospitalised.'

'We strongly condemn this act which carries all the signs of a politically motivated terroristic (sic) attack carried out by the PKK/KONGRA-GEL terrorist organisation,' it said.

This incident is notable since it's a reminder that terrorists respect no borders. Any location on the globe is a potential tar"

Monday, October 20, 2008

Today's Racist Republican

Something... and Half of Something: Today's Racist: "Cobb County Police said George Ann Mills told them that she is a high priestess in Blythewood, S.C., and Cobb Commissioner Annette Kesting wrote her $3,000 in bad checks.

A Sept. 26 police report says Mills claimed the commissioner wanted Woody Thompson, who defeated Kesting in an Aug. 5 Democratic primary runoff, to 'catch cancer' or to 'have a car accident.'

Mills said Kesting gave her a $2,000 check for the ritual on Aug. 27 and postdated a $1,000 check for Sept. 11, and both checks bounced. The report said Kesting paid cash to make up for the first bounced check.

It's not the first time Kesting has been under fire.

Kesting had been invited to Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church in February to speak about African American history and and the theme “Strength to Love,” which is the title of a book by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Instead, Kesting veered off topic. “I love my enemies. I pray every day with my enemies because I have to go up on the third floor and work with white women,” she said in the speech, claiming when she enters her office, she can feel 'the evilness' surrounding her.

Care to take a guess at her political party affiliation?"

On this day in 1981

Something... and Half of Something: On this day in 1981: "On this day in 1981

On Oct. 20, 1981, Sgt. Edward O'Grady, Patrolman Waverly Brown and Brinks guard Peter Paige were gunned down in Rockland County, N.Y. by heavily armed terrorists. The half dozen gunmen — all Americans — were members of the Weather Underground, a faction of the Students for a Democratic Society and the Black Liberation Army, formed from members of the Black Panther Party and the Republic of New Afrika.

Thanks to the bravery of the dead officers, the terrorists failed; but left behind were three widows and nine children, and like most victims, they have all been largely forgotten.

Let's be clear, very clear about something.

In the 1980s, the Weather Underground was still active in New York. The Brinks robbery occurred in October of 1981 in Nanuet, NY, 30 minutes from Columbia University, a few months after Obama enrolled at Columbia.

Barack Hussein Obama was not eight years old at that time, Barack Hussein Obama was 20 years old and a student at Columbia. William Ayers was also on-campus at Columbia at the time, working on a doctorate in education.

Funny that Obama and Ayers and Dorhn were all together at Columbia in the 1980’s, all of them there at the same time. Maybe they never met, maybe they did. We may never know the truth.

But, Barack Hussein Obama wouild have you believe that ten years later, when they became neighbors in Chicago, they never made that connection, or talked about those days?

Two of those involved in the Brinks robbery (Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert) were friends of Ayers and Dohrn. When Boudin and Gilbert received life sentences for their roles in the Brinks robbery, Ayers and Dohrn became legal guardians for Chesa Boudin, their son, then 14 months old. Ayers and Dohrn later adopted Chesa.

A quote from the grown up Chesa: "My parents were all dedicated to fighting U.S. imperialism around the world. I'm dedicated to the same thing."

Children learn what they live and Chesa certainly learned what he lived from the people he lived with, domestic terrorst William Ayers and Benadine Dohrn and he learned it during the years he lived on the same block as the Obamas.

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'Gay' pedophilia and Obama

'Gay' pedophilia and Obama: "Remember the book 'Queering Elementary Education,' with the gushing blurb on the back from Obama's radical 'social justice' colleague Bill Ayers? Well, the same book has a foreword written by Jennings. In researching GLSEN over the years, I've found horrific elements of what can only be called child sexual corruption. The more closely one reads the GLSEN material, the worse it gets.

Just about every type of sexual practice imaginable is apparently acceptable and even worthy of 'celebration' by any age student or teacher as far as GLSEN is concerned. GLSEN also supports gender-distortion through cross-dressing, even for elementary school children.

Is this the kind of 'school reform' Obama has in mind?

Some of GLSEN's recommended reading material implicitly condones criminal sexual contact between adults with minors. Many such incidents are described in erotic and nostalgic passages. I've yet to see 'warnings' about the episodes in these books, which surely mislead thousands of vulnerable kids. I wrote in detail about what I will share below in 2002, yet the books in question, and many more just as objectionable, are still offered by GLSEN for sale on its site."

Mexico's civil war ignites in America

Mexico's civil war ignites in America: "The Mexican government and the drug cartels that operate throughout Mexico are locked in a battle over control of the country. With the Mexican army fully deployed and often fighting ex-Mexican army special forces working for the cartels, this is, in scope and casualties, truly a civil war.

To date this year, some 3,500 Mexicans have died in this war. In just the first 15 days of October, there were 387 deaths in Mexico City, 178 in the state of Chihuahua and 90 in Baja California – all attributable to the government versus cartel war.

Were it not for the fact that the cartels are also frequently at war with one another, they might have won the war by now and would be in control of Mexico."

Obama funded foreign thug who promised Islamic state

Obama funded foreign thug who promised Islamic state: "A controversial Kenyan leader for whom Sen. Barack Obama not only campaigned but raised almost $1 million during the run-up to that nation's 2007 presidential election, concluded a written agreement with Muslim leaders stipulating that if they delivered him the Muslim vote, he would in turn, once elected, change the constitution to declare Islamic law as the ruling authority in Muslim-dominated regions, protect terrorists and muzzle Christian evangelism.

WND previously documented that Obama supported and campaigned for Kenya opposition leader Raila Odinga during a 2006 senatorial 'fact-finding' trip to Kenya and subsequently reported on documents revealing Obama's part in raising almost $1 million for Odinga.

According to a BBC report, Odinga says Obama's father was his maternal uncle. Barack Obama Sr., a Kenyan, married the Democratic presidential candidates' American mother while both were attending the University of Hawaii.

Odinga took over the office of prime minister in Kenya after his campaign called for protests of an election he lost by more than 200,000 votes to incumbent Mwai Kibaki. The resulting violence by marauding Muslim mobs left 1,000 people dead, hundreds of thousands displaced from their homes and 800 Christian churches damaged or destroyed. No Islamic mosques were damaged, however.

Among the worst attacks occurred wh"

Controversial Therapy Aims to 'Cure' Terrorists - Controversial Therapy Aims to 'Cure' Terrorists - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News: "A controversial therapy program has been initiated to 'cure' extremist Muslim inmates of their political beliefs, the U.K.'s Sunday Mail reported.

Psychologists in the prison service will use techniques similar to those used to “de-program” members of religious cults, the Mail reported. The experimental treatments are being developed by a special extremism unit, set up by the Ministry of Justice.

The therapy is part of a strategy to combat Islamic extremism in Britain's jails where Muslim prisoners are serving time for terrorist offenses, the paper reported. The Ministry fears that if they are left alone, their violent, jihadist interpretation of Islam will spread.

The therapy includes 'cognitive behavior' methods, based on the notion that it is possible to change people’s behavior by altering their perceptions and attitudes, the Mail reported.

In England's Whitemoor Prison, 39 out of 150 Muslim inmates have converted since early last year, but officers feel that some changed their faith because they were subject to bullying, the Mail reported."

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Military Develops 'Spaceplane' to Fly Marines to Trouble Spots Fast - Military Develops 'Spaceplane' to Fly Marines to Trouble Spots Fast - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News: "The American military is planning a “spaceplane” designed to fly a crack squad of heavily armed marines to trouble spots anywhere in the world within four hours.

At a recent secret meeting at the Pentagon, engineers working on the craft, codenamed Hot Eagle, were told to draw up blueprints for a prototype which generals want to have in the air within 11 years.

Pentagon planners have been encouraged by technical breakthroughs from Burt Rutan, chief designer on Sir Richard Branson’s White Knight spaceship, which is due to begin test flights next year and to carry tourists on suborbital journeys from 2010.

Last week Rutan, 65, who built the first privately funded craft to reach space and won the $10 million X prize for his achievement in 2004, gave his blessing to Hot Eagle, which could be based on White Knight’s technology.

Rutan said it would be an expensive way to transport troops “but it could be done. It is feasible.”

Will Whitehorn, president of Virgin Galactic, which is funding White Knight, recently predicted that it could be used to airlift emergency supplies into disaster zones."

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