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Islam vs homos

This is an insult to civilization. Why didn't bystanders do anything? The story seems to say that everyone is afraid of confronting Muslims, the Religion of Peace.

I wonder why this is? We should be more afraid of Amish, right?

Gateway Pundit: "10 Muslim youths dragged Dutch gay model Mike Du Pree from a catwalk in the Netherlands during a show.
They beat him and broke his nose.
A second model who tried to help was also attacked."

Al Qaeda Plotted EU HQ Attack

I get a root canal and miss a lot of good stuff. Go read the rest of this to see the nationalities of the terrorists.

The Jawa Report: Al Qaeda Plotted EU HQ Attack: "According to security sources, an al-Qaeda cell of 11 terrorists, busted last month in Morocco, was plotting to attack the European Union headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

The information about the terrorists was allegedly gathered after the authorities interrogated Habib Bin Ali, the suspected leader of the group. It is believed that he is a young man born in 1981 in Nador, who emigrated to Belgium together with this family.

Before planning the series of attacks, he tried to go to Iraq to join other al-Qaeda fighters but he was refused entry by the authorities and for this reason he decided to return to Belgium.

Currently he is detained in the jail in Sila, near Rabat, and before he was arrested he was allegedly the point of reference for Moroccans who want to go to Iraq to fight together with al-Qaeda.

His representatives in Belgium are an Islamic Salafite group which lives in the country and includes two Moroccans and a Tunisian."

Terrorists now swear by 'qattal'

Death is all they worship, no matter what they call it,

Terrorists now swear by 'qattal'-India-The Times of India: "After decades of bloodbath in the name of jihad or holy war, terrorists are changing gear and indulging in qattal , an act by which they kill even their own people, a top Pakistan leader said.

'Terrorists are now replacing the term jihad with the Islamic term qattal for their acts,' Hasham Baber, additional secretary general of Pakistan's Awami National Party said.

Hardline religious leaders in Pakistan are now using the new term because moderate Muslims have started denouncing the use of jihad by terrorists who indulge in violence in the name of Islam, said Baber.

Explaining the term 'jihad', Baber, who was in India to attend an anti-terrorism conference, said: 'It is not about fighting a war or battle or even killing people but a struggle for peace. It means a collective decision to struggle.”

' Qattal , on the other hand, means I am allowed to kill a Hindu, Christian at will or even a Shia.'"

The List: The Worst Places to Be a Terrorist

Interesting! Thought provoking. I like this!

Foreign Policy: The List: The Worst Places to Be a Terrorist: "The List: The Worst Places to Be a Terrorist

Page 1 of 1
Posted May 2008
Fighting transnational terrorism often involves making unsavory choices between protecting civil rights and providing security. The following regimes have opted for the latter and are definitely not the kind of places you want to get caught if you’re plotting some terrorist mayhem.



Key tactics: Though many Americans view them as softies when it comes to the war on terror, the French actually have some of the world’s toughest and arguably most effective antiterrorism laws. In France, terrorist investigations are overseen by a special unit of magistrates with unprecedented powers to monitor suspects, enlist the help of other branches of law enforcement, and detain suspects for days without charges. Additionally, prosecutors have a mandate to pursue terrorists abroad if the suspect or victim is French. France is also not shy about deporting Muslim clerics it views as threatening. It shouldn’t be surprising that French law enforcement is well set up for counterterrorism: France was the first European country to fall victim to Middle Eastern terrorism during the Algerian war in the 1950s.

In action: France has not had a terrorist attack on its soil since 9/11, but it claims to have foiled several, including a chemical attack planned by Chechen operatives against Russian targets in Paris, a planned bombing of one of Paris’s airports, and a 9/11-like airline plot against the Eiffel Tower.

Concerns: French civil libertarians have raised concerns about detentions that, in some cases, can last for years without trials. Allegations of police brutality are also common in France’s predominantly Muslim suburbs.
Salah Malkawi/ Getty Images


Key tactics: Since the November 2005 hotel bombings carried out by al Qaeda in Amman, Jordan’s King Abdullah II has made it a priority to stop the infiltration of terrorists from neighboring Iraq and Syria. Jordan’s intelligence service, the General Intelligence Department, has exploited close ties with Sunni tribes in Iraq’s Anbar province to provide its U.S. and Israeli counterparts with valuable intelligence about the structure and financing on terrorist organizations. Jordan also takes pride in the prowess of its Special Forces units and has opened a special operations training center to teach counterterrorism tactics to elite military units from around the world.

In action: It’s widely suspected that Jordanian spies tipped off the U.S. military to the location of al Qaeda in Iraq’s Jordanian-born leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leading to the U.S.-Iraqi military raid that killed him.

Concerns: Jordan has been criticized by human rights groups for its alleged participation in the “rendition” of U.S. terrorist suspects for torture.


Key tactics: No less an authority than al Qaeda’s No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahiri recently said of Egypt’s State Security, “They know more about the Islamic movements than many of those movements’ members know about them.” Zawahiri’s followers have good reason to worry. After a wave of terrorist attacks and political victories for the Muslim Brotherhood in the early 1990s, Hosni Mubarak’s government opted for a strategy of ruthless repression in combating the threat from terrorism and political Islam. The state’s strategy is to inhibit the Brotherhood from participating in the political process while carrying out wide-ranging arrests of militants and routinely using torture on prisoners.

In action: During the 1990s, the Egyptian regime essentially eliminated the domestic threat of groups such as the Islamic Group and Zawahiri’s Egyptian Islamic Jihad, largely by attacking their bases of operations and blocking their ability to transform into legitimate political movements. Overreaches by the groups themselves contributed greatly to their downfall.

Concerns: Human Rights Watch has complained that the Egyptian regime’s liberal use of torture simply leads prisoners to “confess to crimes real or imagined.” Analysts also question the strategy of repressing the Brotherhood, which they say only strengthens the group’s appeal.


Key tactics: Singapore, which is 15 percent Muslim, has had enormous success in combating regional terrorist groups such as the al Qaeda-linked Jemaah Islamiyah through a combination of tough Special Forces tactics and savvy rehabilitation programs. After 9/11, the island country strengthened its crackdown on terrorist funding, and it recently passed legislation giving the Army wide-ranging powers to pursue terrorists domestically. But Singapore’s approach goes beyond enforcement. Since 2003, a landmark government program has aimed to rehabilitate arrested militants. The state employs volunteer clerics who counsel detainees and rebut extremist arguments. The United States has studied the approach as a possible alternative to indefinite detention.

In action: A major operation in 2001 resulted in the arrest of 15 Jemaah Islamiyah operatives who were planning terrorist attacks within Singapore. Around 70 people have been detained since then, and about one third have been released after rehabilitation. Police continue monitoring those who are released.

Concerns: Democracy activists argue that the Singaporean government plays up the terrorist threat to justify its authoritarianism. The police also suffered a major embarrassment in February when a Jemaah Islamiyah militant escaped through the bathroom window of a detention center.


Key tactics: In 1999, Boris Yeltsin elevated an obscure midlevel politician named Vladimir Putin to the rank of prime minister and entrusted him with putting down a raging insurgency in the breakaway region of Chechnya. Ever since, counterinsurgency and counterterrorism have been the hallmarks of Putin’s tenure, and he has largely built his popularity around his success in these areas. Russia has carried out a ruthless campaign of military suppression in Chechnya, and when it hasn’t been attacking militants, it has joined with them by elevating former rebel Ramzan Kadyrov to the presidency of the now largely peaceful region. Russian security forces were also willing to put down terrorist sieges by force even at the expense of high civilian casualties.

In action: After Chechen rebels took a Moscow theater hostage in 2002, Russian Special Forces pumped an unknown gas into the theater’s ventilation system and then stormed the building, killing nearly all the hostage-takers along with hundreds of hostages.

Concerns: Though Russia has largely succeeded in pacifying Chechnya, the neighboring regions of Dagestan and North Ossetia remain havens for militant groups. The government was widely criticized for the secrecy surrounding the Nord-Ost and Beslan school operations and the high number of hostages killed during the rescues. "

Mahdi Army uses “flying IEDs” in Baghdad

This is a nasty development! When Iran starts to use Iraq for testing new terrorist weapons, this is getting too far out of control. When is it time to bomb IRG bases?

Mahdi Army uses “flying IEDs” in Baghdad - The Long War Journal: "'There has been a lot of misreporting on yesterday’s event in the Sha’ab neighborhood of Adhamiyah, a district in northeast Baghdad,” said Lieutenant Colonel Steven Stover, the chief Public Affairs Officer for Multinational Division Baghdad, in an e-mail to The Long War Journal. 'What I find disconcerting is there have been few corrections. This was not an engagement and these were not Special Groups transporting missiles and mortars in a bongo truck.'

The bongo truck was actually the 'launch vehicle,' according to bomb experts who surveyed the scene. 'This was a crude rocket launching system we call an IRAM [improvised rocket assisted mortars] that prematurely detonated causing the other rockets in the truck to catastrophically exploded,' Stover said. Two Mahdi Army Special Groups fighters were killed in the subsequent explosions, as well as 16 civilians. Twenty-nine civilians were wounded and 15 buildings were severely damaged."

Thursday, June 05, 2008

How to beat terrorists

My favorite Lady, next to my wife, of course, if Ms Phillips. She knows how to find the truth and report it, despite the cries from the Left that slander her at every turn. Thank you for finding this nugget!

The Spectator: "Further to my post below about the dangerous inanity of those who advocate ‘engaging with’ terrorists Bret Stephens observes, in a must-read in the Wall Street Journal, that the authorities in Iraq, Colombia and Sri Lanka are getting on top of terrorism not by talking to terrorists but through military offensives which destroy them. He writes:

All this is good news in its own right. Better yet, it explodes the mindless shibboleth that there is ‘no military solution’ when it comes to dealing with insurgencies. On the contrary, it turns out that the best way to end an insurgency is, quite simply, to beat it.


Targeting Children

If this had been a Muslim Center, a Women's Center, or a regular play area in a minority neighborhood, this would be a hate crime, since it is in a Jewish playground, it is called teen hijinx. What an abomination.

I guess that Jews just aren't as human as the Leftist hippies. So, why do the Jews vote for Leftists?

Something... and Half of Something: Targeting Children: "I don't understand what's happening to this Country:

Rachel Gross, executive director of the Germantown Jewish Center, stood in a toddlers' playground at the synagogue at Lincoln Drive and West Ellet Street, and pointed to a half-dozen foot-wide holes dug in the sand.

Shards of glass had been hidden inside.

'Glass was buried all over,' said Gross. 'It was clearly intentional. There is no other conclusion than someone did it on purpose, and they did it to hurt children.'

She said the playground has been shut since April 15, when the glass shards - most about two to three inches long - were discovered. The perimeter of the 40- by 35-foot playground is surrounded by yellow caution tape and orange netting to keep children out."

31st MEU, Essex ordered to leave Myanmar

What a pity. I really feel sorry for those poor Burmese people who are stuck with these tyrants. If the Left really cared about people, then they would have insisted that the Marines and Navy force their way in and help the people. Instead, everyone is just ignoring these poor people. We need to help, even if the world refuses to. How can we help?

31st MEU, Essex ordered to leave Myanmar - Marine Corps News, news from Iraq - Marine Corps Times: "Navy ships laden with relief supplies were told to steam away from Myanmar’s coast Thursday, their helicopters barred by the ruling junta even though millions of cyclone survivors need food, shelter or medical care.

More than a month after the storm, many people in stricken areas still have received no aid at all and the military regime continued to impose constraints on international rescue efforts, humanitarian groups said Wednesday.

“I am both saddened and frustrated to know that we have been in a position to help ease the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people and help mitigate further loss of life, but have been unable to do so because of the unrelenting position of the Burma military junta,” said Adm. Timothy J. Keating, head of the U.S. Pacific Command. Myanmar is also known as Burma.

The amphibious assault ship Essex and three other ships, which have been in international waters off Myanmar since May 13, were ordered to resume their previously scheduled missions on Thursday, Keating said in a statement issued by his headquarters in Hawaii."

US Marine acquitted of all charges in Haditha killings

Hurray! Can we sue Time and Sen. Murtha for the slanderous lies that have hurt these Marines lives and careers? Sue them and beat them? I like to beat idiots!

US Marine acquitted of all charges in Haditha killings: "A court martial on Wednesday acquitted a US Marine for his role in the deaths of 24 civilians in Haditha in Iraq in 2005, the sixth man to be exonerated in the affair, a military official said.

Lieutenant Andrew Grayson, 27, was declared 'not guilty on all charges' by a jury, said a spokesman for the Camp Pendleton military base in southern California where the hearing started on May 28.

Grayson had been charged with making false statements and attempting to fraudulently separate from the Marine Corps. He was also charged with obstruction of justice, but the military judge dismissed this charge Tuesday.

He was the first Marine to stand trial in connection with the killings of 24 men, women and children in Haditha, the most serious war crime allegations leveled at US forces since the 2003 invasion to topple Saddam Hussein."

Marine Who Got Medal of Honor at 17 for WWII Service Dies at 80

Another Hero from the Greatest Generation has passed. Are there any left?

Thank you, sir. Semper Fi! - Marine Who Got Medal of Honor at 17 for WWII Service Dies at 80 - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News: "Jack Lucas, who at 14 lied his way into military service during World War II and became the youngest Marine to receive the Medal of Honor, died Thursday in a Hattiesburg, Miss., hospital. He was 80.

Ponda Lee at Moore Funeral Service said the funeral home was notified that Lucas had died during the pre-dawn hours at Forrest General Hospital. He had been battling cancer. Lee said funeral arrangements were incomplete.

Lucas was just six days past his 17th birthday in February 1945 when his heroism at Iwo Jima earned him the nation's highest military honor."

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Proposal over Muslim churches triggers holy fury

Antique churches are going to turned into alternate religions holy sites? And this will alleviate the brooding holy war?

I think that this might just break the holy war into the open! Which might be about time, since the Muslims have been fighting this war and the Christians have been pretending it has not been happening.

Proposal over Muslim churches triggers holy fury - Radio Netherlands Worldwide - English: "There has been an outcry in Belgium over a proposal to convert little-used churches into mosques. A senior official in Antwerp argues too many of the city's churches stand empty most of the time and he has put forward suggestions to convert them into mosques to benefit the city's large Muslim population.

Philip Heylen, who is deputy-mayor, says he wants to 'break the taboo' over the future of the city's churches, many of which have dwindling and ageing congregations."

Monday, June 02, 2008

Soldier receives Medal of Honor


That makes Two soldiers, Two sailors, one Marine, and zero airmen.... Interesting mix!

I hope this inspires more of our brave heroes to extra brave acts that save lives and, hopefully, get the war over sooner.

Soldier receives Medal of Honor - Marine Corps News, news from Iraq - Marine Corps Times: "A 19-year-old soldier with an infectious grin and a deep love for his fellow soldiers was honored Monday with the nation’s highest award for valor.

Spc. Ross McGinnis’ parents, Tom and Romayne, were presented with the Medal of Honor by President George W. Bush during an emotional ceremony at the White House.

“Ross did what he did for his buddies,” Romayne said. “He did that all his life.”

Tom McGinnis said he “was trying to make it through the ceremony. We’ve been through this a lot.”"

BREAKING: Columbus Al-Qaeda cell member Christopher Paul to plead guilty!

More great news! I wish he was safer, but SuperMax should be fine for a few dozen years to tell Allah he is sorry for not slaughtering all the women and children.

Islam, the Religion of Happy Slaughter?

Central Ohioans Against Terrorism: BREAKING: Columbus Al-Qaeda cell member Christopher Paul to plead guilty!: "This is breaking news, but it is being reported today that Columbus Al-Qaeda cell member Christopher “Kenyatta” Paul has agreed to plead guilty to a charge of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. While two of Paul’s conspirators, Iyman Faris and Nuradin Abdi, have already been convicted on terrorism charges, we also know from court documents in these three cases that there are at least 10 others known to have been involved in the Columbus Al-Qaeda cell that have not yet been charged."

Arabs freak over a logo change

The Religion of Paranoia freaks out yet again. What do the Muslims respect besides bumping ones head on the floor five times a day? We know that they hate almost everything. Besides Allah, what do Muslims love?

Why are Muslims so scared of Jews?

A billion Muslims are scared of a few million Jews?

I thought it was the Religion of Peace and Bravery?

Put a cross in pee and so one cares, change the colors of an icon and watch the Muslims freak out.

Burn a synogouge, the Muslims celebrate! What are they Tolerant of? Slavery? Beating children and women? Killing Kafir? But if any of those are reversed back to them, they cry like little girls being deflowered.

What is the solution to Islamic victimhood? Is there one?

Elder of Ziyon: Arabs freak over a logo change: "The extreme hatred that Arabs have towards that Zionist entity sometimes manifests itself in unusual ways.

The Arab world has a huge multimedia company called Rotana, owned by Saudi Prince Waleed bin Talal. Rotana includes divisions for music, movies, and television.

Recently, Rotana changed the logo of one of its movie divisions from green and white to blue and white. This caused quite a stir, and the Firas Press report includes the most amazingly stupid conspiracy theories one can imagine:

The movie channel Rotana showed its true face after it adopted the logo colors of the Zionist entity, replacing the Saudi flag colors, which carries the banner of 'No God but Allah,' and the news channel Melody quoted says that the Saudi Royal Canal has sold large number of shares to an Israeli company,. Rotana has denied that, but that its magazine of the same name published an extensive report on its pages talking about investing in a Zionist channel."

Flying Pigs? Human Rights Watch Calls on Hamas to Investigate Islamic Jihad

What a crock. This is an "about time" moment if I ever heard one! The big question, to me, is whether or not this is based upon reality? I do not think I have ever heard of Human Rights Watch condemning a terrorist group before. Usually they only seem to take on countries that are likely to kow tow to them, or ignore them, like China does.

Of course, the terrorists might be in that same category...

Solomonia: Flying Pigs? Human Rights Watch Calls on Hamas to Investigate Islamic Jihad: "Flying pigs or bizarro world? Gaza: Investigate Abduction, Torture by Islamic Jihad - Hamas Has Duty to Prosecute Serious Abuses:

Hamas authorities in Gaza should investigate the recent abduction and apparent torture of three men by the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, Human Rights Watch said today. The authorities should hold accountable any individuals responsible for serious abuses.

On May 20, 2008, the al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, announced that it had arrested three men who they claimed were part of a larger 'cell' working with Israeli security services. A statement said that: 'The cell that was uncovered by the Security Apparatus of the Al-Quds Battalions includes very dangerous collaborators who were recruited by the Occupation in the 1990s.'

An Islamic Jihad spokesman who gave his name as 'Abu Ahmad' told Human Rights Watch in a telephone interview that the group held the men in a private detention center and interrogated them for close to two weeks."

'You can't preach the Bible here, this is a Muslim area': What police told Christian preachers

The Christians are being blamed for a hate crime for passing out Bibles near Muslims? Yet the Muslims who threaten to beat them are just considered normal?

Leftists wonder why normal people are getting tired of Muslim violence, yet this story tells it all for us. It is past time to Tell Muslims to join this millennium or go back to the sand box and play.

I pity the cop in this story. If he had told the Muslims to be respectful, he would have been called all kinds of horrible names by the Left, but by breaking the Law, he is still called names, just by civilized people who won't beat him to death in the name of Peace and Tolerance.

'You can't preach the Bible here, this is a Muslim area': What police told Christian preachers | Mail Online: "Two Christian preachers were stopped from handing out Bible extracts by police because they were in a Muslim area, it was claimed yesterday.

They say they were told by a Muslim police community support officer that they could not preach there and that attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity was a hate crime.

The community officer is also said to have told the two men: 'You have been warned. If you come back here and get beat up, well, you have been warned.'

A police constable who was present during the incident in the Alum Rock area of Birmingham is also alleged to have told the preachers not to return to the district."

Large Explosion Rocks Danish Embassy in Pakistan, at Least 6 Killed

To prove how peaceful and tolerant the Muslims are, they will kill dozens of innocents to injure just one kafir. What a great religion and region. Remind we why we keep sending these people aid? - Large Explosion Rocks Danish Embassy in Pakistan, at Least 6 Killed - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News: "At least six people were killed and dozens were injured in the blast.

The blast echoed through Islamabad and left a crater more than three feet deep in the road in front of the embassy. Shattered glass, fallen masonry and dozens of wrecked vehicles littered the area. A plume of smoke rose above the scene as people, some bloodied, ran back and forth in a state of panic.

The explosion appeared to be a car bomb, police officer Muhammad Ashraf said. Someone parked a car in front of the embassy and it exploded at around 1 p.m, he said.

A perimeter wall of the embassy collapsed and its metal gate was blown inward, but the embassy building itself remained standing, though its windows were shattered.

Officials said at least six people -- including two policemen -- were killed and 35 people were wounded in the blast. The only foreign national reported hurt was a Brazilian woman working at the Danish Embassy. Her injuries were not serious, Brazil's Foreign Ministry said.

The BBC reported that as many as eight people were killed."

Home From Iraq, Wary Marine Fatally Wounded

Welcome home! Now give me your money, hero!

What is wrong with the cities today? America is falling apart and the Left keeps insisting that teaching morality is wrong. What morons. Society requires morals! Without morals, we are barbarians or worse. I do not care about your religion and am not promoting one, but I do think that most religions promote good morals. Of course, since this is an AP story, I wonder what is left out.

Well, I should not get on my soap box for this. This is an American tragedy! Bury these scum under the prison. - Home From Iraq, Wary Marine Fatally Wounded - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News: "Crutchfield was attacked on Jan. 5 while he and his girlfriend were waiting for a bus. He had heeded the warnings of commanders that a Marine on leave might be seen as a prime robbery target with a pocketful of money, so he only carried $8, his military ID card and a bank card.

'They took it, turned his pockets inside out, took what he had and told him since he was a Marine and didn't have any money he didn't deserve to live. They put the gun to his neck and shot him,' Holt told The Associated Press.

The two men charged in the attack were identified as Ean Farrow, 19, and Thomas Ray III, 20, both of Cleveland. Their attorneys did not respond to The Associated Press' requests for comment."

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Marines adjust to an evolving Iraq

This is great! A tour without shots fired is fantastic!

No wonder the Media won't report it at all.

Welcome home Marines! Semper Fi!

Marines adjust to an evolving Iraq - Marine Corps News, news from Iraq - Marine Corps Times: "This isn’t the combat mission these Marines expected.

Five years into a war that has brought relative peace to the once infinitely hostile Anbar province, 1st Platoon, Delta Company, 4th Tank Battalion, went home in early May without firing a shot.

And for the vets of multiple Iraq tours in the unit, that’s just fine.

Staff Sgt. Robert Navarro drove north during the 2003 invasion, and now, to spend a whole tour without bloodshed comes as a welcome relief."

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