Monday, June 02, 2008

Arabs freak over a logo change

The Religion of Paranoia freaks out yet again. What do the Muslims respect besides bumping ones head on the floor five times a day? We know that they hate almost everything. Besides Allah, what do Muslims love?

Why are Muslims so scared of Jews?

A billion Muslims are scared of a few million Jews?

I thought it was the Religion of Peace and Bravery?

Put a cross in pee and so one cares, change the colors of an icon and watch the Muslims freak out.

Burn a synogouge, the Muslims celebrate! What are they Tolerant of? Slavery? Beating children and women? Killing Kafir? But if any of those are reversed back to them, they cry like little girls being deflowered.

What is the solution to Islamic victimhood? Is there one?

Elder of Ziyon: Arabs freak over a logo change: "The extreme hatred that Arabs have towards that Zionist entity sometimes manifests itself in unusual ways.

The Arab world has a huge multimedia company called Rotana, owned by Saudi Prince Waleed bin Talal. Rotana includes divisions for music, movies, and television.

Recently, Rotana changed the logo of one of its movie divisions from green and white to blue and white. This caused quite a stir, and the Firas Press report includes the most amazingly stupid conspiracy theories one can imagine:

The movie channel Rotana showed its true face after it adopted the logo colors of the Zionist entity, replacing the Saudi flag colors, which carries the banner of 'No God but Allah,' and the news channel Melody quoted says that the Saudi Royal Canal has sold large number of shares to an Israeli company,. Rotana has denied that, but that its magazine of the same name published an extensive report on its pages talking about investing in a Zionist channel."

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