Thursday, June 05, 2008

Targeting Children

If this had been a Muslim Center, a Women's Center, or a regular play area in a minority neighborhood, this would be a hate crime, since it is in a Jewish playground, it is called teen hijinx. What an abomination.

I guess that Jews just aren't as human as the Leftist hippies. So, why do the Jews vote for Leftists?

Something... and Half of Something: Targeting Children: "I don't understand what's happening to this Country:

Rachel Gross, executive director of the Germantown Jewish Center, stood in a toddlers' playground at the synagogue at Lincoln Drive and West Ellet Street, and pointed to a half-dozen foot-wide holes dug in the sand.

Shards of glass had been hidden inside.

'Glass was buried all over,' said Gross. 'It was clearly intentional. There is no other conclusion than someone did it on purpose, and they did it to hurt children.'

She said the playground has been shut since April 15, when the glass shards - most about two to three inches long - were discovered. The perimeter of the 40- by 35-foot playground is surrounded by yellow caution tape and orange netting to keep children out."

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