Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dems trash U.S. flags at DNC convention

It was bad enough when the Media posted the pictures of Sen Biden keeping his flag laying on the ground next to his chair, but by not properly disposing of the flags they did have they are insulting those of us who have fought for that flag! I would spit on these pigs, but I do not want to upset the Secret Service people who have to work hard to keep from vomiting while protecting these jerks.

Dems trash U.S. flags at DNC convention: "A Denver Post blog reports that a vendor at Denver's Invesco Field discovered the discarded flags following Barack Obama's nomination speech at the mile-high stadium last week.

Democratic organizers have claimed that the flags were not meant to be thrown in the trash, but according to a Fox News report, McCain supporters claim the vendor found the bagged flags in and around garbage bins following the Democratic National Convention.

A group of Boy Scouts brought 84 garbage bags full of the discarded flags to the site of a Republican rally in Colorado Springs today, where veterans distributed them throughout the assembled crowd. McCain supporters waved the recycled flags and chanted 'U.S.A.' as they welcomed Republican candidate John McCain and his running mate, Sarah Palin."

Man Arrested Near Capitol After IED, Rifle, Ammunition Allegedly Found in Jeep - Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum

It is almost like this guy wanted to be caught. He is a moron who will spend the next few years in prison for stupidity and potentially violent behavior. Can we give him the Big Snip and remove him from the gene pool? - Man Arrested Near Capitol After IED, Rifle, Ammunition Allegedly Found in Jeep - Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum: "A man is under arrest in Washington after an improvised explosive device, a rifle and some ammunition were allegedly found in his jeep, Capitol Police said Friday.

The man stopped to ask police for directions near the Capitol building at about 11 a.m. EDT Friday, at the intersection of 2nd and Independence Avenue Southeast, according to Capitol Police spokeswoman Sgt. Kimberly Schneider.

The officer responding noticed a rifle case on the car seat and inspected the jeep, discovering the IED, rifle and ammunition. A canine unit was enlisted to help.

'They've all been rendered safe right now because they're in the custody of Capitol Police,' Schneider told reporters at a briefing Friday.

The officer took the unidentified man into custody; the vehicle is still being searched.

Library of Congress employees near where the jeep was stopped were evacuated, and several roads are closed while police continue their investigation.

Schneider said that it wasn't clear what the man intended to do with the cache of weapons.

The IED is on its way to the FBI facility in Quantico, Va., for analysis."

Friday, September 05, 2008

General: US forces to up Afghan winter ops

Another good thing happening. The Generals are finally fighting on OUR terms and not the terms of the terrorists. Keeping them busy during their normal downtime will ruin their morale and lose them recruits.

Kill a terrorist for me boys!

General: US forces to up Afghan winter ops - Marine Corps News, news from Iraq - Marine Corps Times: "American troops in Afghanistan will step up offensive operations this winter because insurgents are increasingly staying in the country to prepare for spring attacks, a U.S. commander told The Associated Press.

Maj. Gen. Jeffery J. Schloesser said a 40 percent surge in violence in April and May was fueled in part by militants preparing stores of weapons during the winter, which generally is a slow period for fighting, particularly in snowy Afghan mountainous areas.

“If we don’t do anything over the winter the enemy will more and more try to seek safe haven in Afghanistan rather than going back to Pakistan,” Schloesser said.

U.S. and NATO officials say militants cross into Afghanistan from Pakistan, where they rest, train and resupply in tribal areas along the frontier where the Pakistani government has little sway."

GOP recognition of SEALs broke deal with Navy

Come on guys! Everyone should understand that SEALs do not get their pictures taken or get recognition, even though they greatly deserve it. Recognizing these two was a stupid thing to do. I would expect better from the Republicans.

GOP recognition of SEALs broke deal with Navy - Marine Corps News, news from Iraq - Marine Corps Times: "A Republican speaker broke a deal between the GOP and the Navy when he publicly recognized a pair of Navy special operators at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday, a Navy spokesman said, causing the sailors to violate regulations against active-duty service members participating in politics.

The speaker, Orson Swindle, pointed out two Navy SEALs in the audience wearing civilian clothes at the convention in St. Paul, Minn., as part of a salute to the fallen SEAL Master at Arms 2nd Class Michael Monsoor, who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor in April. The two SEALs, Lt. Leif Babin and Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Tom Deshazo, rose when Swindle pointed them out and asked them to stand.

But the Republicans had agreed not to identify the special operators as a condition for their being able to attend the convention, said Navy spokesman Cmdr. Jeff Davis. Babin and Deshazo had asked for permission to accompany Monsoor’s sister, Sara, who was at the GOP convention to see her brother’s recognition. The Navy agreed, but imposed several conditions, including that they only attend the convention that one night, not speak to the news media, wear civilian clothes and not appear on stage."


A tribute to a Navy SEAL who posthumously received the Medal of Honor for valor in Iraq, and an endorsement by former prisoners of war for Sen. John McCain’s bid to become president, were key features Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn.

The actions of Navy Master-At-Arms 2nd Class (SEAL) Michael A. Monsoor, mortally wounded in a September 2006 firefight in Ramadi, Iraq, were featured in a short film shown at the convention.

Monsoor, who joined the Navy in 2001 before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, saved the lives of three other people — including two nearby SEALs — by covering a grenade with his own body. Additionally, Monsoor received a Silver Star for a May 2006 incident in which he saved an injured service member by running into a street and into the line of fire to pull him to safety.

Monsoor’s sister, Sara, and two fellow SEALs were present as the film was shown. Five or six living Medal of Honor recipients — there was a discrepancy in the number, depending on who was counting, that convention officials did not immediately clarify — also were present.

About two dozen former prisoners of war, led by former Marine Corps Capt. Orson Swindle III, also appeared at the convention Tuesday to support McCain, a fellow POW. Swindle, who spent seven years as a prisoner of war — including some time in the same Vietnam prison as McCain, who was held for 5½ years — is one of McCain’s closet friends, according to campaign officials. Swindle has been one of the most vocal defenders of McCain from attacks that McCain received preferential treatment as a POW.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nearly 125 Shot Dead In Chicago Over Summer

123 dead and 245 wounded? We need a Surge into Chicago to quell the violence!

Not even being sarcastic. We need to get help into the city before more people get slaughtered! - Nearly 125 Shot Dead In Chicago Over Summer: "An estimated 123 people were shot and killed over the summer. That's nearly double the number of soldiers killed in Iraq over the same time period.

In May, began tracking city shootings and posting them on Google maps. Information compiled from our reporters, wire service reports and the Chicago Police Major Incidents log indicated that 123 people were shot and killed throughout the city between the start of Memorial Day weekend on May 26, and the end of Labor Day on Sept. 1.

According to the Defense Department, 65 soldiers were killed in combat in Iraq. About the same number were killed in Afghanistan over that same period.

In the same time period, an estimated 245 people were shot and wounded in the city."

Saudi Cleric Denounces Birthday Parties as 'Unwanted Foreign Influence,' Stresses Ban on Celebrating

So few things that are fun are allowed in Islam. What a pity. - Saudi Cleric Denounces Birthday Parties as 'Unwanted Foreign Influence,' Stresses Ban on Celebrating - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News: "Saudi Arabia's most senior Muslim cleric recently denounced birthday parties as an unwanted foreign influence, but another prominent cleric declared they were ok.


The Saudi ban on birthdays is in line with the strict interpretation of Islam followed by the conservative Wahhabi sect adhered to in the kingdom. All Christian and even most Muslim feasts are also prohibited because they are considered alien customs the Saudi clerics don't sanction.

Only the Muslim feasts of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan, and Eid al-Adha, which concludes the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, are permitted."

Triumph for British forces in Boy's Own-style Kajaki mission - Times Online

Great job, lads! It must feel great to be able to actively help people this way. Keep up the good fight and keep the forces of barbarism at bay while the locals advance from the stone age.

Triumph for British forces in Boy's Own-style Kajaki mission - Times Online: "It was a task of epic proportions,inspiring comparisons with Commando magazine, Mad Max, the Battle of Arnhem in 1944 and the relief of the Siege of Mafeking in 1900.

The mission was to take 220 tonnes of turbine and other equipment, worth millions of pounds, across 100 miles of some of the most hostile and heavily mined territory in Afghanistan.

At the climax of the Taleban’s fighting season.

Without anyone noticing."

Palin In Comparison

Genius! The Wolf finds the goods, and even links to his facts for the ignorant to learn from.

Wolf Howling: Palin In Comparison: "This is Sarah Palin ..."

Quote of the Day

"Here comes the orator! With his flood of words, and his drop of reason."

Benjamin Franklin

UN peacekeeper killed by blast in south Lebanon

UN has forces in Lebanon? Doing what? walking around in minefields? Why don't they arrest some terrorists?

UN peacekeeper killed by blast in south Lebanon - Yahoo! News: "A United Nations peacekeeper in south Lebanon was killed by an explosion Wednesday while clearing unexploded ordnance, a U.N. official said.

Yasmina Bouziane, a spokeswoman for the U.N. peacekeeping force known as UNIFIL, said the blast took place while the peacekeepers were clearing unexploded ordnance near the village of Aitaroun, close to the border with Israel.

The peacekeeper was not identified, pending notification of relatives.

Bouziane said in a statement that medical and explosion teams were immediately dispatched to the site of the blast and that an investigation was under way.

Lebanon's state-run National News Agency said the soldier was Belgian and that another unidentified peacekeeper was wounded in the blast caused by a land mine left behind by Israeli forces.

More than 30 people have died in cluster bombs or land mine blasts in Lebanon since the 2006 summer war between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas, according to Dalya Farran, a spokeswoman for the U.N. Mine Action Coordination Center.

Farran said that 14 de-mining experts from the Lebanese army, the U.N. peacekeeping force in south Lebanon and private mine action teams have also died in similar explosions in the past two years.

The United Nations and human rights groups say Israel dropped about 4 million cluster bomblets during the 34-day Israel-Hezbollah conflict. U.N. experts say that up to 1 million of these devices failed to explode and now endanger civilians in the area."

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sanity on Cyber War

ThreatsWatch.Org: PrincipalAnalysis: Sanity on Cyber War: "Much has been made about the electronic fight that occurred alongside the physical one between Russia and Georgia. Predictably, talk of “cyber war” and the dawn of a new age of conflict abounds. Never mind that we have seen this before: China vs. Taiwan over Taiwanese independence; China vs. the US over various issues; Islamist Groups vs. the US during operations IRAQI and ENDURING FREEDOM; Serbia vs. the US and NATO during ALLIED FORCE, and numerous other conflicts. Then, as now, we see that conflict in cyber space falls far short of apocalyptic.

To be sure, there are serious threats in cyber space. Chinese intrusions into government, military and commercial networks are legion, but this has been going on more or less unabated for years. Few remember that it was Russian intelligence that used German proxies to break into the networks at a national lab … in the 80s. Whether we are talking about state-sponsored activities or criminal practice, there is a common thread: the need to have the ‘Net up in order to make things happen. This is why cyber war, as many envision it, is a fantasy.

For the sake of argument though, let’s assume there was a threat actor that did want to destroy or degrade the ‘Net – or at least off of our portion of it – for military gain. A quick search online for an Internet traffic map illustrates the folly of the concept of cyber space sovereignty. Georgia’s status as a “cyber locked” country – only one way in and out electronically – is something of an anomaly; generally speaking you cannot just take country X off-line and leave innocents untouched. For some belligerents this might not be an issue, but unless you’re declaring war on the world it make sense to limit potential counter-attackers (true in both the virtual and actual worlds).

Recent discussions on the threat of an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) cannot be ignored here, but some perspective is in order. If an adversary detonates a nuke in the atmosphere over the US, we’ve probably got one or two more issues to deal with before we get around to restoring everyone’s Facebook page. The equipment and power necessary to cause the same effect without a nuke would be, well, about as obvious as a large wooden horse parked outside your door. Not having the ‘Net during such a crisis would hinder recovery, as the ad hoc construction of support and recovery web sites after Hurricane Katrinia and other disasters demonstrated. But catastrophic electronic attack is still largely recoverable and bloodless, unlike the analog in meat space.

Serious analysts of these issues talk about an adversary’s capabilities and do not use “cyber” as an adjective in front of every physical-world equivalent. Why? Because the means isn’t as important as the impact.

Take terrorism for example. Who is terrorized when terrorists or their sympathizers take down a web site? No one. What threat does a terrorist group that launches attacks that were new five years ago pose? Not much. Terrorists do a lot of things online, but fight well is not one of them. Nation-states have much more significant capabilities, but going back to an earlier point about espionage, they are having much more success exfiltrating data to risk destroying the source of said data. Exploiting your adversary’s networks and systems is this age’s neutron bomb; all the pesky people (and potential insurgents) are gone, all the goodies are left to plunder.

There is a reason why few in the kinetic war business take cyber war seriously: people don’t die (that might change soon enough for some), property is easily recovered, territory is not lost, and sovereignty is not threatened. One could argue that in the Estonia example a mode of operation was threatened, but certainly not their way of life or culture. Radovan Karadzic is in the Hague to face charges of war crimes; Dragan Vasiljkovic, who reportedly led Serbian cyber attacks while his colleagues conducted more visceral ones, is not exactly on the fast track for the gallows. I am fairly sure the widows of Srebrenica would have loved to have suffered at the hands of e-brigands vice the real sort.

In fact it is precisely this attitude that “it’s just data” that is the greatest hindrance to success in defending digital assets and having related disciplines taken seriously in a military context. No government official or corporate executive will admit it, but bits play second fiddle to hard assets. No amount of arguing about the nexus of the two, or how you can hardly use the latter without the former makes headway. It is why NIPRnet is consistently owned by various adversaries; why external viruses penetrate internal networks, and why millions of dollars worth of data can be traded illicitly over the ether largely without consequence. When those at the top don’t get it, the best we can hope for is re-action (to the next attack or embarrassment).

As a practitioner in this field for many years it is interesting to note the cycle of hype, spending, work and stagnation that occurs about every ten years. In all that time there has been no great leap forward in defense or security though attacks have gotten more sophisticated, diverse and powerful. Debating the need for an e-weapons proliferation scheme - as if one could regulate computer code as one does fissile material – is what passes for serious thought. There is also a strive to make all of this “new,” when in reality I can pull a nearly 30-year-old book off of my library shelf that documents the same sorts of events we are witnessing today.

Cyber space is a dangerous place, and it always has been, but we need to be preparing for war: period. Every conflict will have a cyber component too it; the next war will not be exclusively electronic. To steal a phrase from the Infantry: If they’re not there, you don’t own it. The Russia-Georgia “cyber war” is only an issue because the Russian Army is physically sitting in Georgia. Absent that, cyber war to date is largely just nationally-motivated digital graffiti. "

Corps wants its Humvees back

Not sure why I have the song from the Chili's commercial going through my head on this.

I want my Hummers back, Hummers back, Hummers back....

This could be a trip wire that starts a war, which the Russians WANT! They want the world to back down from them to prove they are not weak any more.

Corps wants its Humvees back - Marine Corps News, news from Iraq - Marine Corps Times: "U.S. officials continue to negotiate the release of five Marine Humvees seized by Russian forces in the Georgian port of Poti during their August assault on the U.S. ally.

The Humvees were taken Aug. 19, said Navy Lt. Cmdr. Corey Barker, a spokesman for U.S. European Command, and they contained no advanced tracking technology or cryptology hardware — a contrast with Russian news reports, which said the vehicles contained sophisticated communications gear and had been sent to Moscow for examination.

The Humvees were in Georgia as part of Operation Immediate Response, a multinational training exercise involving Marine and Army units, Barker said. They were awaiting commercial transport back to the U.S. when they were seized.

The team of Marines in Georgia — primarily assigned to Brooklyn, N.Y.-based 6th Communications Battalion and a Lexington, Ky.-based detachment with 4th Marine Logistics Group’s Military Police Company — were sent to a hotel in the capital, Tbilisi, when the Russian assault began."

Wall dating to Second Temple unearthed

I love that Israel has the time to find all these ancient relics now that they are fairly secure. The Muslims have kept the Jews and Christians away from here for centuries and I would love to help dig these out. Such fun stuff.

Wall dating to Second Temple unearthed | Israel | Jerusalem Post: "The remains of the southern wall of Jerusalem that was built by the Hasmonean kings during the time of the Second Temple have been uncovered on Mount Zion, the Antiquities Authority announced Wednesday.

The 2,100-year-old wall, which was destroyed during the Great Revolt against the Romans that began in 66 CE, is located just outside the present-day walls of the Old City and abuts the Catholic cemetery built in the last century where Righteous Gentile Oskar Schindler is buried.

The sturdy wall, which is believed to have run 6 km. around Jerusalem, was previously exposed by an American archeologist at the end of the 19th century, the state run archeological body said.

The Israeli archeologist who started the ongoing excavation a year-and-a-half ago also uncovered the remains of a city wall from the Byzantine Period (324-640 CE) that was built on top of the Second Temple wall at a time when ancient Jerusalem reached its largest size after its southward expansion."

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Requisite Ramadan Observance for Non-Muslim East London Councillors

The Left goes out of their way to force the people of the West to accommodate the Caliphate. What will they do once the Muslims beat the West and take over?

Requisite Ramadan Observance for Non-Muslim East London Councillors: "Requisite Ramadan Observance for Non-Muslim East London Councillors
September 2nd, 2008 by Andrew Bostom

From Stephen Pollard September 1, 2008 in The Times of London:

Head of Democratic Services at Tower Hamlets Council in East London, John [any relationship to Anglican Archbishop Rowan?] Williams last week e-mailed each of the borough’s 51 councillors with these instructions, according to Pollard:

For the duration of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, they are, he [Williams] told them—every one of them, Muslim, Catholic, Jew or atheist—to behave during council meetings as strict Muslims. They are not to eat or drink; they are to break for Muslim prayers; they are to do as they are ordered by the Muslim religion. Strict Muslims do not eat or drink between sunrise or sunset during Ramadan. Because sunset will fall during the meetings, there will be 45-minute adjournments so that councillors can break their fast and pray. And to make things easier, there will only be seven council meetings during the month.

Pollard concludes with these apt observations:

This is, let me remind you, happening not on Karachi borough council but in Tower Hamlets in London. As far as I am aware, the United Kingdom has not yet been absorbed into the Caliphate. The last time I checked, we allow citizens to practise all religions and none. If I wish to stuff my face with chocolate during the fasting hours of Ramadan, I will. And if you wish to go out for a slap-up lunch on Yom Kippur, you can feel free.

Yet Mr Williams—he’s the man with the “democratic services” label, a title so Orwellian that his existence simply had to involve promoting the opposite of democracy and service—appears to have concluded that Islamic practices must take precedence over any other practices. Instead of individual councillors being allowed to decide for themselves how they wish to behave during Ramadan, he is deciding for them.

It should come as no surprise that it is not the borough’s Muslim councillors who are demanding that their non-Muslim colleagues obey Islam. As almost always, it is a caricature liberal-left non-Muslim idiot who thinks he is being racially aware who does the real harm to race relations. Respect for religious practice can only be given voluntarily. Mr Williams’s prescription leads only to anger.

Walking Away From Islam

I did not know that so many Muslims were willing to defy Allah and abandon Islam! This is great news, but needs to be kept out of the spotlight so that the militants don't go on killing sprees. Well, more often than they already do.

I guess that the normal people are getting ever more tired of the violence of Islam. Good! It is time for this antiquated religion to dry up and blow away. Which is too bad, because the original teachings of Mohammad seemed very promising, until he became a bandit with a bandits religion.

Counter-Terrorism: Walking Away From Islam: "Hamas has an image problem, and it's getting worse. It's gotten so bad that the 30 year old son (Mosab Yousef) of one of the Hamas founders (Hassan Yousef) has not only renounced Hamas, but has become a Christian. Mosab is fed up with the terrorism/'destroy Israel' approach the Arab world has embraced over the last sixty years. Mosad notes, as have many other Arabs, that this has not worked.

The conversion angle is something Moslems are trying to keep quiet. Mosab Yousef's father pleaded with his son to keep quiet about the conversion (which took place 18 months ago). The elder Yousef knows that this is not an isolated incident. Many young Moslems are abandoning Islam. Most do so quietly. In Iran, the clerics that run the country are shocked at secret police reports about a growing number of young Iranians who have, in effect, abandoned Islam. This sort of thing is happening all over the Moslem world, but especially in Arab countries. The people who switch to Islamic radicalism get all the headlines, not the larger numbers who just walk away from Islam are largely ignored. In the Palestinian territories, there is also a growth in the number of Sunni Moslems who are switching to the Shia version (as championed by Iran). But many other Moslems are openly distancing themselves from the conservative forms of Islam (like the well fund"

Russia: Another Rhineland

The key part of this article is that the other Russian neighbors are now fearful of also being annexed back into the Soviet block.

Would a Marine Division stationed in Ukraine make the region more stable? Or a mob of peacenik hippies who can tell the Russians how evil they are?

Russia: Another Rhineland: "Russia has announced that it will, in effect, annex the Georgian separatist regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. No one is willing to face down the Russians on this issue, which many of Russias neighbors see as the first of many such annexations. There is a precedent for this sort of thing, and it all began on the French-German border in 1936.

Some historians see the German reoccupation of the Rhineland in 1936 as the real beginning of World War II. As part of the treaty that ended World War I, Germany agreed to keep troops out of the Rhineland (a German region on the French border). Going back in was a huge gamble for the Germans, who were in the midst of rebuilding their military, and, in 1936, much weaker than France or Britain. But neither of these countries were willing to risk the violence that might occur if they went after the 32,000 troops and police Germany sent into the Rhineland. This convinced Hitler that he could bully the Western allies, and grab neighboring countries with impunity. This worked for Austria and Czechoslovakia, but triggered World War II when Germany and Russia (by prior agreement) carved up Poland in 1939."

Paramilitary: No Pain, No Gain

Sounds like things are still getting better in Iraq! Will the Media continue to ignore it? Of course!

Paramilitary: No Pain, No Gain: "In the last year, casualties among U.S. troops in Iraq has gone way down, and among the similar number of civilian contractors, such losses plummeted even more. This has had a bad effect on contractor morale. That's because as contractor casualties have dropped over 60 percent, so has pay. That's because the U.S. hires these workers via brokers in their home countries. Just as the United States paid higher and higher re-enlistment and other bonuses to keep enough troops in uniform, they will raise and lower the pay for contractors depending on how many qualified people will offer to sign up.

In Iraq, most of the civilian contractors work in the well defended bases, and most of the contractor casualties are among those (about a quarter of the total) who do security or transportation jobs that take them outside the wire. But even those have a lower casualty rate than the combat troops. For the really dangerous work, soldiers and marines are used. But working in a combat zone is still dangerous, no matter what your work clothes look like. There is always some danger in Iraq, but for civilian workers, the chances of getting killed or wounded are a third of what they are for the troops, And the troops are suffering a casualty rate less than half of what it was for previous wars (like Vietnam). Now that contractor casualty rate is even"

Monday, September 01, 2008

Undercover Mosque: The Return

Islamic purists are devoted to the slaughter of all those who are not. Why don't the majority of people seem to understand this? The Muslims tell us all the time that they are devoted to our destruction! They have just shifted the language into the language that is used by the Leftists and Media. Now, the Leftists seem to think that the Muslims are long lost brothers because they have the same enemy: all non-believers.

Little Green Footballs - Undercover Mosque: The Return: "The British Channel 4 show Dispatches has done a followup to Undercover Mosque, with an undercover female reporter this time—and the revelations about what’s being preached in British mosques are no less shocking than the first time around."

Dutch sabotage agent recalled from Iran over “impending” US attack - report

Is Bush going to slap down the Iranians before he leaves office? He needs to smack them and force them to stop aiding terrorists! It will lead to terror attacks all over the world, but that is what we have to expect from a terrorist state.

DEBKAfile - Dutch sabotage agent recalled from Iran over “impending” US attack - report: "A Dutch AIVD Secret Service ultra-secret operation underway in Iran in recent years has been halted and an agent recalled in view of “impending US plans to attack Iran,” within weeks, writes Joost de Haas, known for his good intelligence contacts, in the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.

The AIVD operation aimed to infiltrate and sabotage the weapons [and nuclear] industry in the Islamic Republic.

According to intelligence sources in the Netherlands, the US [or Israel] was expected to make a decision within weeks to attack nuclear plants with unmanned aircraft, used to avoid risking the lives of air crews and warplanes.

DEBKAfile’s military sources report this would be the first time drones operated by remote control were used against major strategic targets, necessary in Israel’s case to hold its air fleet and flight crews ready to defend the country against reprisal from Iran’s allies. Syria and the Lebanese Hizballah have stockpiled thousands of rockets for this purpose.

The Iranian targets to be bombed would include also military installations brought to light partly by the Dutch espionage operation, described by De Telegraaf as extremely successful. “One of the agents was able to infiltrate the Iranian industry” and for years shared information with the... "

Sun Makes History: First Spotless Month in a Century

I wonder if the lack of sunspots is making it cooler on Earth? It is Bush's fault! Bush is stopping the Sun!

DailyTech - Sun Makes History: First Spotless Month in a Century: "Drop in solar activity has potential effect for climate on earth.

The sun has reached a milestone not seen for nearly 100 years: an entire month has passed without a single visible sunspot being noted.

The event is significant as many climatologists now believe solar magnetic activity – which determines the number of sunspots -- is an influencing factor for climate on earth.

According to data from Mount Wilson Observatory, UCLA, more than an entire month has passed without a spot. The last time such an event occurred was June of 1913. Sunspot data has been collected since 1749.

When the sun is active, it's not uncommon to see sunspot numbers of 100 or more in a single month. Every 11 years, activity slows, and numbers briefly drop to near-zero. Normally sunspots return very quickly, as a new cycle begins."

Terrorists thankful: More room to prep to kill Jews

This is just a snippet of the entire article describing the way the terrorists are using the previously Jewish owned areas of Gaza as training bases. Little kids are being turned into killing machines! It is past time to clean that area up.

Some things I note from the quote I saved here, the Pally kids claim they are being slaughtered, yet the facts report otherwise. Who is telling them this? The terrorists are firing rockets from roofs and schools to protect themselves from return. Why is this kid joining the terrorists who are using him as a human shield to cower behind? Are the majority of Palestinian kids this retarded?

The last thing I note is that the Gazans seem to read the Land for Peace deal differently from the West. In the West, the leaders, all Liberals, said that giving the terrorists more land would lead to Peace. To the terrorists, giving them land meant the Israelis have retreated and the terrorist's pals in the Media have won them a great victory that needs to be followed up on.

Land for Peace is a failure and the fools who advocated it all need a good butt-whooping.

Terrorists thankful: More room to prep to kill Jews: "Also this weekend, the Popular Resistance Committees terrorist organization showcased its own training in the evacuated Gaza Jewish town of Kfar Darom, which previously housed tree-lined Jewish streets replete with synagogues and Jewish seminaries.

Notable about the Committees training was that it included dozens of boys between the ages of nine and twelve, according to Committees leaders.

The Ynetnews Israeli website featured an interview with one young Committees recruit, an 11-year-old boy named Muhammad pictured holding an assault rifle.

'I am learning how to fight the Jews and kill Jewish children,' Muhammad told Ynetnews. 'I would rather die fighting the occupation than die at home from a missile, which is what happened to hundreds of Palestinian children.'

Committees terror group spokesman Muhammad Abdel-Al, also known as Abu Abir, told WND yesterday his group was not brainwashing children.

'We are not educating them on hatred. This is our strategy – to turn all the Palestinian people into weapons of resistance,' Abdel-Al said when questioned about his group's use of boys.

Israel evacuated Gush Katif's nearly 10,000 Jewish residents during the country's retreat under fire from the Gaza Strip in August 2005."

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