Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dems trash U.S. flags at DNC convention

It was bad enough when the Media posted the pictures of Sen Biden keeping his flag laying on the ground next to his chair, but by not properly disposing of the flags they did have they are insulting those of us who have fought for that flag! I would spit on these pigs, but I do not want to upset the Secret Service people who have to work hard to keep from vomiting while protecting these jerks.

Dems trash U.S. flags at DNC convention: "A Denver Post blog reports that a vendor at Denver's Invesco Field discovered the discarded flags following Barack Obama's nomination speech at the mile-high stadium last week.

Democratic organizers have claimed that the flags were not meant to be thrown in the trash, but according to a Fox News report, McCain supporters claim the vendor found the bagged flags in and around garbage bins following the Democratic National Convention.

A group of Boy Scouts brought 84 garbage bags full of the discarded flags to the site of a Republican rally in Colorado Springs today, where veterans distributed them throughout the assembled crowd. McCain supporters waved the recycled flags and chanted 'U.S.A.' as they welcomed Republican candidate John McCain and his running mate, Sarah Palin."

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