Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Walking Away From Islam

I did not know that so many Muslims were willing to defy Allah and abandon Islam! This is great news, but needs to be kept out of the spotlight so that the militants don't go on killing sprees. Well, more often than they already do.

I guess that the normal people are getting ever more tired of the violence of Islam. Good! It is time for this antiquated religion to dry up and blow away. Which is too bad, because the original teachings of Mohammad seemed very promising, until he became a bandit with a bandits religion.

Counter-Terrorism: Walking Away From Islam: "Hamas has an image problem, and it's getting worse. It's gotten so bad that the 30 year old son (Mosab Yousef) of one of the Hamas founders (Hassan Yousef) has not only renounced Hamas, but has become a Christian. Mosab is fed up with the terrorism/'destroy Israel' approach the Arab world has embraced over the last sixty years. Mosad notes, as have many other Arabs, that this has not worked.

The conversion angle is something Moslems are trying to keep quiet. Mosab Yousef's father pleaded with his son to keep quiet about the conversion (which took place 18 months ago). The elder Yousef knows that this is not an isolated incident. Many young Moslems are abandoning Islam. Most do so quietly. In Iran, the clerics that run the country are shocked at secret police reports about a growing number of young Iranians who have, in effect, abandoned Islam. This sort of thing is happening all over the Moslem world, but especially in Arab countries. The people who switch to Islamic radicalism get all the headlines, not the larger numbers who just walk away from Islam are largely ignored. In the Palestinian territories, there is also a growth in the number of Sunni Moslems who are switching to the Shia version (as championed by Iran). But many other Moslems are openly distancing themselves from the conservative forms of Islam (like the well fund"

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