Monday, May 14, 2007

"Beating is undoubtedly one of the methods to reform [wives]."

Thanks to MEMRI, the West can see more of the thought that rules in the Muslim lands. Where are the women's rights groups on this? Watch the video and see what you think. I am going to forward the video to all the feminists I know and hope to stir up some outrage.

MEMRI TV: "Beating is undoubtedly one of the methods to reform [wives]. However, it should be preceded by admonishment. The husband should remind his wife of the will of Allah. He should say: 'Wife, if you pray your five daily prayers, maintain your chastity, and obey your husband – you will enter Paradise.' He should tell her to be like the woman about whom the Prophet said: 'Any woman whose husband is pleased with her when she dies enters Paradise.'


If this doesn't work, he should move to the phrase of 'abandonment,' which refers to sleeping in separate beds. Abandonment could mean that he would sleep in a separate room, wouldn't talk to her, and so on. If abandonment doesn't work, we move to beating, but as the religious scholars have said, beating in this case is not the kind that draws blood or breaks teeth. They said it is similar to beating with the edge of his garment or a toothpick. But as you said, some people misunderstood this, and so, many poor women had their legs broken."

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