Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who is this guy? UK Terror Suspect on the Run

The English used to be the leaders in fighting terrorism. What happened? Can anyone explain this to me?

The Jawa is right in his sarcasm. I can't get anymore sarcastic than this. This is a joke! The terrorist's name should be posted everywhere so that the public can help hunt this known danger. Find him and bring him to justice! Don't let him hide in his sisters burka!

The Jawa Report: Who is this guy? UK Terror Suspect on the Run: "Yesterday a man charged with multiple terror related offenses in Britain skipped bail. That's right, in the UK they let you out on bail if you're a suspected terrorist.

The man has only identified as a 23 (or 24, depending on which paper you read) year old who had charged with 'conspiracy to cause explosions and conspiracy to murder'. His bail conditions were such that he was under virtual house arrest, with one noted exception: he was allowed out of the house daily to say prayers at the local mosque.

Man suspected of being a terrorist is allowed to go to mosque. Brilliant!"

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