Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Secret work of SAS in Iraq exposed

I am glad that these guys are getting some recognition. They are in a field that is rarely acknowledged for its hard work keeping us safe. Thanks for the protection, lads!

Secret work of SAS in Iraq exposed - Telegraph: "Quoting the Special Air Service motto 'Who Dares Wins' the general said there had been numerous successes on many 'very important operations'.

'They have exceptional initiative, exceptional skill, exceptional courage and, I think, exceptional savvy. I can't say enough about how impressive they are in thinking on their feet,' said Gen Petraeus, the main architect of 'surge' strategy that has seen a substantial decrease in violence with the influx of extra American troops.

The SAS, working alongside MI6, the Special Reconnaissance Regiment and the Special Forces Support Group, are based in The Station, a high security area in Baghdad's Green Zone.

SAS snipers have been extremely successful shooting dead suicide bombers about to detonate their devices and troopers have called in clinical air strikes to kill terror chiefs known as 'high value targets'.

Officers have said Baghdad is one of the 'most challenging' environments the unit has ever faced in the world.

It is thought the troops have killed hundreds of insurgents both in Baghdad and when they have been called down to Basra to assist regular British troops.

But British special forces have paid a high price for their success in Iraq with 10 killed and scores seriously wounded, with some losing limbs."

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