Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This Librarian Specializes in Terrorism and Extremism - Press Release Distribution - PR Agency: "A librarian who writes and teaches about terrorism and extremism may seem like an anomaly, especially at Texas A&M University. Dr. Stephen Atkins, curator for French collections at the Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, has been researching and writing about terrorism for almost 20 years.

He views his work as a service to his fellow Americans and a “wake up call” for students who enroll in his class on terrorism and extremism. His most recent work is the two-volume, Encyclopedia of 9/11 published by Praeger International Security.

“As a librarian, my job is to disseminate accurate information. Consequently, I find no incompatibility between my role as a librarian and as a scholar on extremism and terrorism,” Atkins says."

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