Thursday, March 29, 2007

Female Islamic students abduct 'brothel owner'

I have a simple solution! If the mosque is preaching against the state, then destroy the mosque. Brutal? Yes. But right now the Religion of Peace is at war with the whole world and needs to be knocked down a little to learn to respect others. Close the school! Send the students to work camps for a couple of years to learn a skill besides jihad. Send the teachers to work at sea. If they mess up there, the sea is not forgiving. And the sharks are hungry.

Irish Examiner> Breaking News> Sport: "Female Islamic students abduct 'brothel owner'

Female Islamic students on an anti-vice drive have abducted an alleged brothel owner and locked her up at their fundamentalist seminary in the Pakistani capital Islamabad.

Authorities have arrested four of the seminary’s teachers in connection with the abduction.

With jihadist songs playing on the loudspeakers of a neighbouring mosque, about 200 students staged a protest at the school today demanding their release.

Abdul Rashid Ghazi, vice-principal at the seminary, threatened jihad, or holy war, unless the women teachers were freed.

“These vulgarities (brothels) are destroying society and the decree says that in this situation, jihad is the only way,” he said, without specifying what that would entail. “They (police) have arrested our respected, veiled teachers for a corrupt woman.”

Authorities are holding negotiations with school administrators to hand over the woman to police but they are “being unreasonable,” the officer said.

The Lal Masjid mosque in Islamabad and associated seminaries have a reputation for preaching hard-line Islam, and links to an outlawed militant group. Their defiance of the government has exposed its failure to regulate Pakistan’s thousands of religious schools, even in the federal ca"

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