Tuesday, March 27, 2007


What a wonderful bridge he is building! His ties to radical Islam are finally getting noticed and now this crud is just highlighting how far he has gone away from his Western roots. I wonder how all the female bands and singers will look in burkas? Hey! That might be a good look for Madanna!

YUSUF ISLAM - YUSUF ISLAM IGNORES BARE-HEADED WOMEN: "Muslim singer YUSUF ISLAM reportedly refused to speak with the female guides at a German event over the weekend (24-25MAR07) because they weren't veiled - despite accepting an honour for building bridges between Eastern and Western cultures. The star, formerly known as CAT STEVENS, received a special prize at the Echo Awards last night (25MAR07) in Berlin for his musical, social and political work and was praised as a bridge-builder between the West and the Islamic world. However, when the FATHER AND SON singer, 58, rehearsed his appearance the day before the prize giving (24MAR07), he acted rather narrow minded, according to German publication B.Z. When the hostesses approached Islam, who arrived with his management and his veiled wife FAEZIA, telling him that they were his guides, he simply ignored them and didn't even take a look at the women. Islam's manager explains, 'Mr Islam doesn't speak with women except his wife. Least of all if they don't wear a headscarf. Things like that only happen via an intermediary.'"


Joanne said...

This story seems to be making the rounds, yet when I was in London earlier this month Mr. Islam had no problem shaking hands with and speaking to me and several other women - all of us non-veiled, non-Muslim, and non-family members. Methinks someone has taken what they perceived to be a slight and blown it out of proportion.

Belisarius said...

I recieved four copies of this comment. I hope this is not a spam to clear Mr Islam's name.

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