Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Iraqi gunmen mow down 9 children

The efforts of the terror masters to force a division between the two main branches of Islam is getting totally evil! Deliberately targetting children? I bet it will be blamed, by the Leftists, upon a plot by the Evil Bush.

United Press International - NewsTrack - Iraqi gunmen mow down 9 children: "Iraqi gunmen mow down 9 children
BAGHDAD, March 26 (UPI) -- Machine gun-toting guerrillas in Baghdad gunned down a mixed Shiite-Sunni group of children playing soccer in a park, The Times of London reported.

The incident happened Saturday when two cars carrying four or five men wearing tracksuits pulled up to the park, witness Selim Amer told a Times correspondent.

'I started looking and they are shooting the kids,' he said. 'Eight of the kids already fell on the ground. The guys kept shooting, they just wanted to make sure everyone was dead.'

Amer said almost immediately the neighborhood became a shooting zone, with Shiites and Sunnis targeting one another. He said it was two hours before the shooting subsided and the bodies of nine children were taken to a morgue.

'Not one of them even dared to get their kids, they were moved more to get revenge,' Amer said.

The Interior Ministry's daily report listed the children as among nearly 50 people killed Saturday in random attacks around the country, the report said."

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