Monday, April 23, 2007

Broughton Hall water sabotaged, police fear

Not sure what to make of this incident yet. However, it does sound like a possible terrorist incident! I will follow it when I can and post updates.

Broughton Hall water sabotaged, police fear - National - "POLICE were last night investigating the possible sabotage of the water supply at Broughton Hall nursing home, where a salmonella outbreak has been linked to the deaths of five residents.

Bottled water was brought into the Camberwell home last night after health department officials instructed staff and residents to avoid tap water.

'We were asked to take this action by the department after allegations were made to police that there had been potential, deliberate interference with our water supplies,' said the chief executive of the Benetas Group, which operates Broughton Hall, Sharon Callister. 'They (the department) have advised that this is the potential source of the outbreak,' Ms Callister said. 'We have removed water from jugs, prevented residents from drinking the tap water and put signs up advising residents and staff not to drink tap water or shower water.'

Police said last night there was not yet any evidence to substantiate the claim."

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