Thursday, April 26, 2007

Iran, US Clash Near Iraqi Border

The War with Iran has already started, despite the desires of the fascists and pasifists who are in denial. Right now it is just happening in the shadows of the medias attention. The men and women on the ground know better.

Middle East Newsline -: "IRAN, U.S. CLASH NEAR IRAQI BORDER

WASHINGTON [MENL] -- Iran and the United States have increased intelligence operations along the border with Iraq.

U.S. government sources said Iranian and U.S. troops have increased their presence along both sides of the Iraqi border. The sources said both sides have sought to expand intelligence and commando operations.

'There have been constant Iranian incursions into Iraq, and in some cases we have intercepted them,' a government source said.

he United States has acknowledged one clash between Iranian and American troops. In September 2006, Iranian troops crossed into Iraq and were intercepted by U.S. and Iraqi forces. Four Iranians and an Iraqi soldier were killed."

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