Monday, April 23, 2007

Restaurant Sex Slave Raped (from This Is Lancashire)

Why does it seem like it is always Muslims who flout the laws of the West like this? There might be a few whites who do this, but they are usually caught quickly and put safely away. I want this scum and his employees and friends all get long jail terms. Since it is in Londonistan, I assume they will only get a few months as the maximum sentence. I pity his next victims who will pay for his learning what he did wrong to get caught this time.

Restaurant Sex Slave Raped (from This Is Lancashire): "THE owner of an East Lancashire restaurant bought a girl for £50 to be used as a sex slave for staff, a court heard.

The jury at Preston Crown Court heard how Mohammed Islam, 40, who owned India Cottage in Samlesbury, went to collect the 22-year-old victim from Manchester.

The victim, who suffers from epilepsy, had earlier been flown into the UK and had been forced to work as a prostitute in Manchester, the prosecution alleged.

She was taken to the isolated Vicarage Road resturant where she was forced to work in the kitchens during the day and used by staff for sex at night, it was claimed."

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