Monday, May 21, 2007

Accused nuke engineer: I was showing off

Violating the trade embargo? What a load of ....!!! This is spying and treason! Find all of these guys and put a big prison camp on an Alaskan Island to store them. I am getting tired of the soft approach with these very dangerous terrorists.

Accused nuke engineer: I was showing off - Security - "A former nuclear engineer accused of taking software back to his native Iran told authorities he was only trying to show off for family and friends.

Mohammad Alavi, 49, also told FBI agents that he left his job at the nation's largest nuclear power plant and moved to Iran to be closer to relatives, according to records obtained by The Arizona Republic.

Alavi, who lived in the U.S. as a naturalized citizen for 30 years, is charged with violating a trade embargo with Iran, which carries a maximum penalty of 21 months in prison. Trial is set for July 3."

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