Monday, May 21, 2007

Photo Feature: A Late Night Visit to Ransacked Joseph's Tomb

The Religion of Peace and Tolerance, which CLAIMS to be based upon the same Judeo-Christian Deity, defiles the tomb and shrine of one of the greatest of the Biblical Heroes. Why? Could it be that they are not worshiping the same deity? Could it be that when Allah says he is the same G-d worshiped by the Jews and Christians he was not telling the truth? I am not say he lied! Maybe someone misinterpreted something. Anyway, the way the Peaceful Muslims destroy everything they find, maybe they are NOT that tolerant. Look at this series of pictures, then let me know if you get as indignant as I am.

This kind of stuff just makes me sick. The Palestinians mouth Muslim peace slogans in English, and vent hate in Arabic. They might not even be fully Muslim and have slipped over to full worship of Satan working in disguise. He tricked Mohammad once, he should be able to easily trick common people. Please prove me wrong by showing me what good has come from the Palestinian people. Show me what they do for good. Please.

Photo Feature: A Late Night Visit to Ransacked Joseph's Tomb - A7 Exclusive Features - Israel News - Arutz Sheva: "The Oslo War, as some opt to call the Arab terror offensive that began in 2000, began in retreat. Retreat from a Jewish shrine that was, explicitly to remain accessible to Jews under the Oslo Accords.

In the first days of the PLO-coordinated offensive, Islamic terrorists targeted Joseph’s Tomb – the Israeli government's decision to withdraw was swift.

The Tomb of Joseph, who was father of two of the Jewish People's twelve tribes, was abandoned. Another Joseph was also abandoned that day in 2000. Druze soldier Madhat Yusuf (Joseph in Arabic) of Beit Jann was left to bleed to death as IDF Chief of Staff Shaul Mofaz negotiated his evacuation for five hours with PA militias - armed by Israel and the US under the Oslo Accords. The government later explained that a military offensive into Shechem to save the bleeding IDF soldier would have cost many Arab civilian lives.

In the light of day, before the world’s TV cameras, Arabs took sledgehammers to the tomb, smashing it, painting it the color of Islam - green, declaring it a mosque, and then smashing it again."

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