Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The demonisation of Sarkozy

I hate to endorse a Frenchamn, but I think Mr Sarkozy is the answer that France needs to end the slow takeover by the Islamists. If Royal wins, then France will become the first bastion of Sharia Law in the West. She does not have what it takes to lead in this ignored war.

The demonisation of Sarkozy-News-World-Europe-TimesOnline: "As a tough Interior Minister until last month, the ambitious Mr Sarkozy earned the dislike of many young people — especially those from the immigrant ghettos. His doctrines of radical economic reform and individual responsibility — never before aired by a senior French politician — have been welcomed by many as a revolution, but cast by opponents as divisive, cruel and unFrench.

Mr Sarkozy has offered opponents new ammunition over the past month by breaching politically correct taboos on immigration and national identity and successfully wooing supporters of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the far-right candidate.

With his character increasingly a campaign issue, Mr Sarkozy mused at the weekend over the antipathy that he stirs: “Why so much hate? Maybe it is because I say out loud what everyone thinks to themselves.”"

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