Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hindu gets custody of children from Muslim wife

This is sad. A family broken up because this poor lady was born a Muslim, yet was not a practicing Muslim. It is a victory for religious freedoms, but it comes at a high price. Of course, if the poor father was left out of his family and the children had to change religions. I do not see a real winner to this case, but since it is an update to a previous post, I had to follow up. Poor family.

Hindu gets custody of children from Muslim wife - Women - Middle East Times: "A Malaysian Hindu man forcibly separated from his Muslim wife by Islamic authorities because they are of different religions was Thursday granted custody of their children in a milestone case.

The children will be raised as Hindus in central Selangor state despite having one Muslim parent - which lawyers said was unprecedented in mainly Muslim Malaysia.

Selangor Islamic authorities last month forcibly separated ethnic Indian P. Marimuthu from his ethnic Indian Muslim wife of 21 years, Raimah Bibi Noordin and six of their seven children.

During a high court hearing west of Kuala Lumpur, Raimah, 39, clad in traditional Malay floor-length attire with a Muslim headscarf, told the judge that she was voluntarily giving up custody of her children.

'I agree to hand over the custody of my children to my husband to be raised as Hindus,' Raimah said, before she broke down in tears.

Under Malaysian law, a non-Muslim must convert to Islam in order to marry a Muslim, and children born to Muslims must be raised as followers of that religion."

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