Sunday, May 06, 2007

Defense Tech: Dirty Bomb? Grab a Llama

Interesting tidbit of information. I am glad that the llamas being imported to North America are good for more than wool and meat! I think it will be fun to see what else this leads to. I forsee many, many llama farms around strategic points in the world. Better than sheep!

Defense Tech: Dirty Bomb? Grab a Llama: "Dirty Bomb? Grab a Llama

The current issue of The American Legion magazine has an interesting tidbit about how 'an unusual protein found in the blood of llamas has enabled scientists to deveop a quick, simple method for making anibodies that could be used in a new generation of bio sensors that could help detect deliberate environmental contamination, such a bioterrorism.'

According to the article, researchers at the Naval Research Laboratory say that llamas are among certain animals that produce 'heavy chain antibodies' from which 'single-domain antibodies' can be isolated by genetic engineering. Camels and sharks also produce the same antibody but you seldom see either of those in a petting zoo, do you?

NRL researchers claim to have used single-domain antibodies to combat a smallpox virus surrogate, cholera toxin, along with other biothreats."

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