Monday, May 07, 2007

Two Al Qaeda Leaders, Three Terrorists Killed; 39 Detained in Iraq

Yes! More bad guys off the street, so this is not going to make it into the main news outlets. Click the link to read even more good news!

Two Al Qaeda Leaders, Three Terrorists Killed; 39 Detained in Iraq: "Coalition forces identified bodies of two al Qaeda leaders, killed three additional terrorists and nabbed 39 others during operations across Iraq recently, military officials said.

Coalition forces positively identified two more senior al Qaeda in Iraq leaders killed in the May 1 operation west of Taji that left Muharib Abdul Latif dead. One of the terrorists killed during the operation was positively identified as Sabah Hilal al-Shihawi, who reportedly was Latif’s religious advisor.

Another terrorist killed during the raid was Abu Ammar al-Masri. Intelligence reports indicate that he was a foreign fighter facilitating insurgent activity and infrastructure support for al Qaeda in Iraq.

Both terrorists were positively identified by associates at the site. In addition, Shihawi’s identity was positively verified in a photograph.

“We will not wait for these terrorists to strike; we will seek them out,” said Army Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, a Multinational Force Iraq spokesman. “This is what al Qaeda in Iraq members can expect when they target the Iraqi people and security forces that protect them.”"

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