Saturday, May 12, 2007

Taliban makes bombs from Dutch aid

Just like the Palestinian aid that is used to kill Israelis. It is all a shame that Islam takes good and turns it to evil. Is there a way to keep the forces of evil from taking these things from the poor villagers they are meant to aid? What can be done? Besides ending the aid. These villagers need the help that is offered.

Taliban makes bombs from Dutch aid, Dutch News, The Netherlands, Holland, Expatica: "Taliban makes bombs from Dutch aid

9 May 2007

AMSTERDAM - Dutch aid to Afghan civilians is falling into the hands of terrorists. Handsaws and batteries distributed by the Dutch have been used in roadside bombs constructed by Taliban fighters, magazine Elsevier reports this week.

As a result, troops in Uruzgan are being ordered not to distribute any more handsaws or radios. The troops at Kamp Holland have also been instructed not to discard batteries until they are completely empty. A spokesperson for the defence department did not want to confirm these reports on Wednesday.

The director of the military intelligence and security service (MIVD), General Pieter Cobelens, said in Elsevier: 'One of the tasks of the MIVD is to warn of the unwanted side effects of the reconstruction mission. But the political and military leadership at the defence department must evaluate whether reconstruction activities should be stopped as a result.'"

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