Saturday, May 12, 2007

Human Trafficking Victims Found in Kansas Raid: Top News Stories at

Human trafficking? Sounds like slavery to me! Why not just call it that? Send this kind of trash back to the Third World where it is tolerated! I guess that Chinese slaves should all get restitution like the great-great-great-grandchildren of the African slaves are demanding?

Of course, the great-whatever-grandchildren of African decent are demanding this payment as restitution because of the terrible genetic damage done to them by being imported to the United States of America. The slaves brought to other parts of America were not as mutated, so they have figured out how to obtain jobs and live normal lives. Pity. I have seen that a few managed to overcome their genetics, but it is usually because Republicans want to use them as show pieces. Good Democrats understand about the genetic damage and know that these poor decendants of slaves need Welfare!

Anyway, I am tired of the US being blamed for haveing used slave labor in the past. Let us look at the modern slave trade! Break it up! Stop ignoring it! It is easy to find. Look at the Third World! Look at the Muslim countries! I am going to start highlighting slavery in the modern world, just because I am sick of it.

Human Trafficking Victims Found in Kansas Raid: Top News Stories at "Authorities on Friday charged four people with bringing women from China to the Kansas City area for prostitution after an investigation that led to raids at a string of Kansas businesses billed as massage parlors.

Authorities say they rescued 15 women who worked at the businesses. The women are not facing charges, FBI spokesman Jeff Lanza said."

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