Monday, May 07, 2007

Egypt's blog rebels silenced by jail

A follow up article about Sandmonkey. He also wrote a new blog post. He has a great idea about forming a coalition of bloggers to fight for free speech on the internet. I like it. I want to help somehow, but understand that I am neither a major blogger, yet, nor in any of the other groups he is looking for. I am just a reader and thinker who is offended by the stupid things I see in the world.

Egypt's blog rebels silenced by jail | International News | News | Telegraph: "A popular Egyptian blogger known for his withering criticisms of the government has given up writing after becoming the latest victim of a state crackdown on dissent.

The blogger, known as Sandmonkey, signed off last week, writing that he had noticed state security agents on his street and heard clicking noises on his phone. 'There has been too much heat around me lately,' he wrote.

In recent months, the Egyptian regime has jailed several bloggers, ending a period in which it had taken a more relaxed attitude towards internal critics. Human rights activists claim the about-turn follows the US administration's decision to relax pressure on Middle Eastern governments to enact democratic reforms.

During Sandmonkey's three years on the internet, his was one of the most widely read Egyptian blogs, popular especially among Western readers for his unconventional opinions about his country and the Middle East. 'Cynical, snarky, pro-US, secular, libertarian, disgruntled' was how he described himself."

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