Monday, May 07, 2007

The jihadi house parties of hate

When looking back at all the preparations the British terrorists have taken in the past, it seems like the security services were alseep. That is the advantage of hindsight. Now that the security guys have a good look at who the bad guys are and some of the methods they are using to recruit new members. At least they have new information to work with.

The jihadi house parties of hate-News-UK-TimesOnline: "The barbecue was in full swing. Young men spilt out onto the street from the modest garden in a north London suburb and the air was thick with Urdu and heavily accented English.

The invitation had been specific: no wives or girlfriends. The party was to raise funds for a jihadi training camp: “Make sure your pockets are full.”

The party, held four years ago within a few hundred yards of the Metropolitan police training centre in Hendon, helped to forge alliances among British Islamist radicals that were to be put to murderous effect.

By the end of the evening £3,500 had been raised for a camp at Malakand on the Afghan-Pakistan border.

Within weeks two of the most dangerous British-born jihadi terrorists — Mohammad Sidique Khan, leader of the 7/7 suicide bombers, and Omar Khyam, leader of the so-called Crevice gang — were learning to make bombs at Malakand."

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