Sunday, May 06, 2007

Belgium Refused Entry to Hamas Minister

HA! About time a State decided to treat these terrorists like terrorists! Who would have thought that Belgium would have been the one to draw the line?

Collactive: - Belgium Refused Entry to Hamas Minister: "Belgian police held a Palestinian minister on board his plane on Friday after Dutch authorities withdrew his visa to attend a conference in the Netherlands, Dutch authorities and conference organizers said.

Youth and Sports Minister Bassem Naim, a Hamas member, arrived in Brussels on a flight from Egypt after being granted a visa by Dutch authorities in Tel Aviv. But he was prevented from disembarking by 10 Belgian police, said Majed al-Zeer, director of the London-based Palestinian Return Center and one of the organizers of Saturday's conference on Palestinian refugees.

'What happened on the flight was the humiliation of the Palestinian people,' Al-Zeer told The Associated Press. 'He was not even allowed to go to the toilet.'"

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