Monday, May 07, 2007

Religion of Peace gets violent

The Religion of Peace gets violent when a leader who preaches hate and violence is removed from his position. What a shock. They have been teaching hate and violence for so long that they forget to only use it on non-Muslims. What a great group of people. "Secretary of the ACT Islamic Society Kurt Kennedy said he was set upon shortly after announcing the appointment of a new imam to replace the controversial Mohammed Swaiti.

He was assaulted while waiting on the mosque grounds for a lift home after announcing Mr Swaiti had been dumped and naming the new imam as Yahya Atay.

Mr Kennedy told the Canberra Sunday Times he was unsure exactly how many people attacked him but he received up to five punches in the head.

'There were eight to nine in the group that was following me,' he said.

'I think there were four of them in the front line. One person I was engaged in fighting, defending myself ... when I covered myself I don't know how many were hitting me.'

Mr Kennedy was treated in Canberra Hospital for bruising, abrasions and a laceration above his eye.

ACT police said yesterday that they were still investigating the incident, which involved two males, and no charges had been laid.

Vice-president of the ACT Islamic Society Mohammed Berjaoui witnessed an earlier confrontation inside the mosque when MrKennedy was jostled by a section of the congregation.

'When our secretary Kurt Kennedy announced ... the new imam will deliver the [Friday speech] before prayer, two people jumped up and grabbed Kurt and pushed him around," he told the Canberra Sunday Times.

"They pushed him and wanted to throw him out of the mosque.

"Then the imam [Mr Swaiti] started screaming in the middle of the mosque, 'I am the imam of this mosque! I am the imam who will service you people! I will never step down! No one can force me to step down! I will be here until the day I die!"'"

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