Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dutch institute conducting biological warfare research

Wow! The Media is burying this and the Left will be going nuts. Sounds like the Euros are starting to realize the threat exists. At least in the rational parts of society.

Dutch institute conducting biological warfare research - Radio Netherlands Worldwide - English: "TNO's research into chemical warfare compounds continues until today. Answers are sought to questions such as 'Which substances might be used by opponents against the Dutch military or population, and which protection can be given against those?' TNO itself is also producing chemical warfare compounds, like nerve gases, although that involves very small quantities (a few millilitres per experiment - that's about a teaspoonful) and it's done in high-security labs. TNO spokesperson Maarten Lörtzer says:

'In principle we know how it works, yet new varieties can be thought up all the time. Based on an analysis of threats we continue to scan the possibilities of such new variants. New means of protection developed by manufacturers also have to be tested, such as gas masks, suits, tents. And we are trying to find ever more sensitive detectors, allowing us to raise the alarm at the earliest.'"

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