Thursday, February 28, 2008

Turkey in radical revision of Islamic texts

Wow! Turkey is going to direct battle with the Fundamentalists! This could be very interesting to watch.

Muslims Against Sharia Blog: "Commentators say the very theology of Islam is being reinterpreted in order to effect a radical renewal of the religion.

Its supporters say the spirit of logic and reason inherent in Islam at its foundation 1,400 years ago are being rediscovered. Some believe it could represent the beginning of a reformation in the religion.

Turkish officials have been reticent about the revision of the Hadith until now, aware of the controversy it is likely to cause among traditionalist Muslims, but they have spoken to the BBC about the project, and their ambitious aims for it.

The forensic examination of the Hadiths has taken place in Ankara University's School of Theology.

An adviser to the project, Felix Koerner, says some of the sayings - also known individually as 'hadiths' - can be shown to have been invented hundreds of years after the Prophet Muhammad died, to serve the purposes of contemporary society."

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