Saturday, March 01, 2008

Turkey withdraws troops from Iraq

While the Left is heralding this as the perfect way to conduct military operations, in contrast to the "debacle" in Iraq for the US, the reality is slightly different. In reality, which the Left tends to avoid at any cost, this was a very limited operation to temporarily end the terrorist attacks from that region. There was no follow up to get the PKK to reform. There was no attempt to attempts to rebuild the region to help the locals so that they will turn in terrorists before they can kill.

Not that the Left cares about stopping the killers early. They only care about victims, and if the killers are stopped before killing, then the killers become the victims, not the people who would have died. This twisted logic is what drives me crazy about the Left. / In depth - Turkey withdraws troops from Iraq: "Turkey has ended its military incursion into northern Iraq and its troops have returned to base, the military high command said on Friday.

The announcement brings to an end a ferocious eight-day assault inside Iraq by Turkish troops on the PKK, a Kurdish separatist group that has launched frequent attacks on Turkish targets from its bases in the mountains of northern Iraq.

“The goals of the operation have been reached and the units returned to their bases on the morning of February 29,” the general staff said in a statement on its web site."

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