Friday, July 11, 2008

Between a rock and the hardest of places

So much logic that you know she is not a Liberal!

The demonization of Israel is almost complete so that the Arabs can slaughter the Jews and Europe will cheer. At least in the Muslim and Leftist regions. Ms Phillips is correct that the Left will pay for this tacit support by having to either cave in to Iranian demands or fighting the war they have been avoiding.

When appeasers finally discover how stupid they are, they have to blame others for their folly as the rational people have to clean up the mess they made. Sometimes it does not pay to be rational.

The Spectator: "It is very noticeable that, although Ahmadinejad and co regularly threaten the annihilation of Israel and are building the weapons to carry that out, there are – in Britain, at any event -- no expressions of horror or outrage, no statements of solidarity and commitment to prevent this second Holocaust from ever taking place. The reason is that a silent calculation has been made -- that Israel is eminently expendable.

Horrific as is such indifference to genocide, what such people fail to grasp is that a nuclear Iran will hold the rest of the world to ransom and force it to meet the demands of an apocalyptic messianic Islamist sect. That is not something with which the west can learn to live. If that were to happen, the west would die. But people also find Ahmadinejad’s bloodcurdling threats too ridiculous to be taken seriously – the mistake the west has consistently made about Islamic fanaticism, viewing it as it does through the prism of the arrogant western illusion that everyone in the world is at root a rational actor governed by a rational understanding of his own self-interest.

The outcome of this terminal frivolity is that since neither Israel nor the west can live with a nuclear Iran, the last resort of war may have to be activated – but it could have been avoided had the west not behaved over these past years with such reckless spinelessness. There can be no doubt that war with Iran is a fearsome prospect which might well unleash heaven knows what horrors. But there’s a worse prospect yet – a nuclear Iran. We are between a rock and a very hard place indeed."

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