Friday, July 11, 2008

A moral revival?

If morals are being allowed back into English society, will the US be allowed to discuss them again soon?

What is it that Lefties have against morality anyway?

The Spectator: "Cameron’s speech steered clear of this trap by correctly setting out the broad context for concern. He didn’t just identify the social ills of

family breakdown, welfare dependency, debt, drugs, poverty, poor policing, inadequate housing, and failing schools

and commit the Tories to the progressive task of remedying them and thus improving society, as opposed to the reactionary left which cements them in place and leaves people to rot in order to control their lives. He also identified the core issue beneath all these ailments as

a society that is in danger of losing its sense of personal responsibility, social responsibility, common decency and, yes, even public morality."

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