Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Iraqis arrest sniper suspect at Sunni MP's house

It is about time that the terrorist hideouts are being closed down. Interesting that the surge has not even hit in full yet and the government is having to move against the crooked politicians. I just pray that I do not have to retract this later! Well, I think I do want to retract it and find that the politician is NOT crooked! At least in this way.

I wonder what would be found in a raid on the Kennedy Estates? Or the Pelosi owned lands? I am picturing massive INS work! Probably a lot of work for the A of ATF and the DEA. Hard to prove until the raid happens, and NO DA wants to ask for that warrant! HA!

Iraqis arrest sniper suspect at Sunni MP's house - Yahoo! News: "Iraq government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh, told reporters that the search proved that Iraqi officials would investigate anyone suspected of breaking the law, whatever their rank.

'If lawmakers break the law we will deal with them according to the law; they will be treated according to the law,' he said."

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