Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Jawa Report: (Video) British Muslim: Islam = Terrorism, Paul Johnson Beheading Justified

Very candid speech about how it is good to kill non muslims. The final quote about how the innocent are only muslims and non muslims are NOT innocent should be placed on bill boards around the world. This is what is taught, this is what they believe, this is why they murder women and children. It has nothing to do with oil or whatever the Leftist want to CLAIM it is, this war is about Islam finally feeling that they have the numbers to destroy a demoralized world that has been taught to hate itself.

I was called a hate filled, Islamophobic, racist for posting this and other speeches on another site. I asked where my hate is displayed and they told me that I am just a troll looking to attack honest muslims. The Left's deliberate ignoring of this threat is a bigger threat than the muslims who want to murder and kill us and our families.

The Jawa Report: (Video) British Muslim: Islam = Terrorism, Paul Johnson Beheading Justified:

"That's why when you hear on the news that the mujahideen [reference to al Qaeda], you know, of [Saudi Arabia], they killed those British and they killed those Americans [ie, a reference to the beheading of American Paul Johnson and murder of Kenneth Scroggs and BBC cameraman Simon Cumbers] don't be surprised. It's not some new phenomenon to kill the enemies of Allah.

And you may say to yourself, 'No, they [Paul Johnson, et al] are innocent.'

No kafir [unbeliever, non-Muslim] is innocent. Innocence is only for the Muslims. No kafir is innocent."

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