Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Jawa Report: 'The Age of Individual Jihad' in Suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia? (Updated, Bumped)

When Mr. Rusty Shackleford makes a bet like this, I back his bet! This situation is very suspiciously similar to a Individual Jihad. With information provided in other parts of the article and its updates, it looks almost like premeditated attempted murder. I do not think they will be charged with that, but I also think these two pieces of pig fece need to be deported. I wonder if anyone will have the brains to do that?

The Jawa Report: 'The Age of Individual Jihad' in Suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia? (Updated, Bumped): "We are now in the age of individual jihad. How do we know? Al Qaeda sympathizers have recently declared it so. Further, these al Qaeda fellow-travellers have produced a series of 'how-to' videos for the individual jihadist. A kind of step-by-step do-it-yourself guide for would-be jihadists who do not, or cannot, belong to an organized terror cell. The terrorist of the future--and of now--may not belong to a terror group at all, but rather, will carry out acts of terrorism with little or no outside direction or support.

Was this alleged attack on a returned soldier in Georgia an act of individual jihad? It's unclear (UPDATE: Scroll down, but there seems to be some evidence that this was individual jihad). It's very possible that this is nothing more than a case of overblown egos clashing. But it's also not wise, in this 'age of individual jihad', to simply write the incident off simply because the two Muslims do not have any known connection to extremist groups.

If it is true that the Arabs were taunting the U.S. veteran, this is not necessarily 'individual jihad', but might be a related problem with even more troubling implications because it is much more widespread--the problem of Muslim nationalism. Muslim nationalists, as I define them, are those who see their primary national identit"

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