Monday, March 24, 2008

73 Different Pakistani Muslim Sects Declare Fatwa on Taliban

After all these years, the people are finally getting tired of the slaughter by the Taliban. However, any edict like this out of Islam I take with a large grain of salt. I remember how Mohammad promised his opponents a safe travel to talk to him and then had his thugs slaughter them as they traveled. Because Islam is the Religion of Peace and Truth.

The Jawa Report: 73 Different Pakistani Muslim Sects Declare Fatwa on Taliban: "The alleged militant group familiarly known as “Taliban” was declared “out of Islam” by 73 different sects of Muslims through an edict (Fatwa) circulated in parts of the narrow tribal strip of Darra Adamkhel.

The edict in Urdu language was circulated on behalf of Mufti Zainul Aabideen on Friday night. The one page edict focuses on Talibans’s terrorists’ acts in the area, particularly slaughtering of human beings and suicide attacks.

The edict against the Taliban terror is considered first-ever effort on the part of any religious figure in the last five years. Earlier, the late Maulana Hassan Jan publicly denounced Taliban acts, but he was mysteriously assassinated in retaliation. After the killing of late Maulana Hassan Jan, a large number of Ulema and religious scholars remained reluctant to say anything openly against the Taliban.

It is for the first time that a religious scholar declared “Taliban” as being “out of Islam.” The edict said that all the acts of Taliban are against the basic norms of Islam and humanity. “Even the Taliban leaders are considering themselves and their directives as superior to true Islamic principles and directives as ordained by Almighty Allah,” the edict said."

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