Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Come Die For Me

AQ is almost irrelevant anymore. They have lost their connection to the Islamic base because of their extremist views and lack of tolerance of variations to religion. I think that bin Laden is almost a mockery of what he used to be. Praise the Lord! Nice to see that Carrot Top is about as dangerous as bin Laden.

Counter-Terrorism: Come Die For Me: "The second recent bin Laden tape calls for more death and destruction in Gaza, where radical Palestinians are calling for a fight to the death with Israel. Untrained volunteers are not much use to Hamas, the largest Palestinian terror organization, because Israel has cut off access to Israeli civilians. Bin Laden, however, knows that the border between Gaza and Egypt has broken down, and it's easier for anyone to get into Gaza. The al Qaeda volunteers can then make desperate attacks at Israeli troops guarding the border fence. In response to that, Israel has issued new rules-of-engagement for its troops. Now, Israelis are to use 'whatever means necessary' to prevent the capture of Israelis, or any violence against Israelis. Islamic terrorists have a much harder time killing Israelis, than they do killing Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thus Bin Ladens call for followers to flock to Israel, will likely get most of them killed.

Bin Laden's two new calls to arms will probably have the same impact previous ones had. That is, very little. His bark is far worse than his bite."

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