Thursday, March 27, 2008

Teachers targeted in Thailand's deadly insurgency

Teaching Muslims should be illegal? That way they can better control the ignorant population. Tyrants always demand that their population be ignorant of everything except how to submit to authority. I can see why followers of the Religion of Submission like tyrants and hate democracy.

AFP: Teachers targeted in Thailand's deadly insurgency: "Rebels' main targets include soldiers, policemen, officials, Buddhists and Muslims seen as collaborating with Thai authorities.

But the attacks on teachers have taken an especially heavy toll, crippling the region's educational system and often provoking national outpourings of grief.

Militants have killed 75 teachers and burned down 297 public school buildings since early 2004, according to a regional educational office in Yala.

The statistics belie the brutality of the attacks.

One Buddhist teacher was shot in his parked car and then burned alive inside it.

Another was killed when four rebels dressed in school uniforms, walked into a classroom and shot him dead at point-blank range in front of his terrified students.

Even more horrifying, a man's severed head was mounted on the gate to a middle school last year, with the heads of two other victims left on a nearby bridge and a road.

Armed soldiers now escort teachers to and from school, and stand guard on campus during classes."

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