Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Suicidal Spring Offensive

Just more young boys who are going to die for a failed religious group. Even the True Believers are able to see that fighting the Western militaries is just suicide for nothing. Better to be a farmer in a ut than a pile of bloody slime splattered over the countryside.

Bush is winning. This War might be over if the Leftists had ever found a way to get good news out of the fighting zones. Finally, their slander and lies are known to the Muslim people because of the cripples and scared people who have returned from the fighting. If the Media had ever reported on the slaughter of the shaheeds like they do the deaths of the soldiers, then those shaheeds might never have gone off to get beaten.

The Media lied, Muslims died.

Afghanistan: Another Suicidal Spring Offensive: "Last years Spring Offensive (which actually lasts until September), left 6,000 people dead, about two-thirds of them Taliban. But about 200 foreign troops were killed, along with two thousand Afghan civilians and security troops. The Taliban declared that a victory, but on the ground the reality was quite different. The Taliban lost a lot of popular support last year, and are increasingly seen as another bunch of bad guys trying to take over.

France is sending another 1,000 troops to Afghanistan, increasing its force to 2,900. These are fighting troops, as opposed to the non-combat 'peacekeepers' most European troops send. The U.S./NATO force is fighting alongside the 49,000 man Afghan Army (which is slowly growing to 80,000). The 60,000 Afghan National Police are less professional and reliable than the army, so it's pretty much up to the local and foreign troops to deal with the Taliban and drug gang combat forces.

The Taliban are increasingly dependent on the drug gangs, and their money, to pay their fighters. Few Taliban gunmen are willing to work for free, and each year, the Taliban has to pay more to get men to grab their guns and join. This is partly due to the high attrition rate. Last year, over 20 percent of those who signed on to work for the Taliban, were killed or badly wounded. The foreign troops have air power and smart bombs, a combination that the Taliban still have not figured out how to deal with. The real enemy is the drug gangs, which are often tribal groups dedicated to getting rich and keeping the government out. "

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