Saturday, May 24, 2008

Al-P False Report on Sistani

More lies from the Media about what is happening in Iraq, this time, again, about the leading cleric who is working for peace. When the Media can't find a story to twist into their slanted mold, they have to resort to out right lies. Liars are the new Media norm. Can anyone prove me wrong? At least at the national and international levels, I do think that the local media might be doing a better job of telling the truth.

Wolf Howling: Al-P False Report on Sistani: "Grand Ayatollah Sistani is of the quietist school and, in the tradition of that school, does not involve himself in politics to a significant degree. He has been a hugely stabilizing influence in Iraq. Yet false stories about Sistani make into our MSM with fair regularity.

Last year, the NYT ran an article on their front page claiming that Grand Ayatollah Sistani had scuttled plans by the government to enact legislation bringing de-Baathification to an end. This would have been a huge setback for the reconciliation process - if it were true. Within two days, Sistani's office released a statement calling the story false. NYT never printed a correction. A similar scenario played out in the days after it was falsely reported that Sistani supported the continued existence of Sadr's Mahdi Army.

And thus we come to just an incredibly outlandish Al-P story that made its way around the blogs yesterday. Al-P, citing unnamed sources, reported that Sistani was on the cusp of issuing a fatwa to give his blessing to the targeting of American soldiers in Iraq..."

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