Sunday, May 25, 2008

Iran: Onward Christian Converts

This article raised a few points about things I already knew about Iran, but I did NOT know that Iranian Muslims are converting to Christianity in record numbers! That must really irritate the Islamofascists who run the country. I hope they lose their minds and their control of Iran. Amen.

Iran: Onward Christian Converts: "The government is increasing its efforts to censor what Iranians can access on the Internet. The banned sites tend to be those critical of the government, or pushing women's rights. Iranian Islamic radicals are very sensitive about anything touching on their control over women's lives. Another serious subject, which the Iranians like to keep quiet about, is the growing number of Iranian Moslems who convert to Christianity. Blocking Farsi language Christianity sites is a big deal. The odd thing is that Christianity was never really big in Iran. Iran's pre-Christian religion, Zoroastrianism, survived until it was largely replaced by Islam 1,400 years ago, after dominating the country for about 1,500 years. The government is also blocking Farsi language sites about Zoroastrianism, which is becoming more popular in Iran, apparently in response to the seemingly dreadful impact of Islam. Many Zoroastrianism customs survived the arrival of Islam, much to the chagrin of Moslem clerics. Efforts to stamp out these customs only makes them more popular."

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