Thursday, May 29, 2008

UK police make new arrest after restaurant blast

Three people arrested and a mosque raided. Nope, no ties to Islamic radicals at all. It is all just a mistake. Anyone who says there is a link must be an Islamophobe.

I almost got that out without laughing! My new Obama accent works well if I hold my ears out from my head. Gets me in the mood to appease.

UK police make new arrest after restaurant blast - Yahoo! News: "Local police have said Reilly had been manipulated and radicalized, explaining that the 22-year-old had a history of mental illness.

On Friday heavily armed police swooped in on a second suspect in the nearby city of Plymouth, where Reilly lived. That man has not been identified. Counterterrorism authorities are still trying to determine who else, if anyone, was involved in the bombing.

It was not clear from the police's statement where the third and latest suspect was apprehended, but it said the Muslim Community Center in St Jude's, in Plymouth, was being searched in connection with the arrest.

The center said it was shocked by the recent developments and, in a statement released by police, said it would help authorities with their investigation."

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