Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First documentary evidence Iran is into nuclear explosives, missile warhead design

First evidence? I thought there was a lot of evidence that was all ignored. Well, I am not an expert, but I thought it was now common knowledge that Iran was building nukes and preparing to make the only fertile area in the region into radioactive waste.

Well, except for the Left, who WANT to kill the Jews because Papa Joe Stalin hated Jews and killed tens of thousands of them. Not quite as many as Hitler, but, hey, not every thug Socialist can be that efficient.

About time the UN decided to admit that Iran might not be telling the truth. Now if they could stop raping little kids in Africa. What a worthless body of freaks.

DEBKAfile - First documentary evidence Iran is into nuclear explosives, missile warhead design: "The International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna based its new and damning findings partly on 18 intelligence documents submitted by the United States, and now accuse Tehran of willful lack of cooperation. Iran dismissed the documents as forged or fabricated.

DEBKAfile reports that the documents came from materials contained in a laptop stolen from one of the heads of Iran’s nuclear program in Tehran in late 2006 by Iranian dissidents. It was passed to the CIA. Despite this evidence of an ongoing nuclear weapons program, sixteen US intelligence agencies, including the CIA, combined last year to announce this program was suspended in 2003.

Even the nuclear watchdog’s director Mohammed ElBaradei, who often meets the Iranians halfway, has concluded that Iran’s nuclear activities are of “serious concern” and require “substantial explanations.” which Tehran has refused to offer.

His latest report describes Iran’s installation of new IR-2 and IR-3 centrifuges for enriching uranium at the Natanz site as “significant” yet not communicated to his agency. IAEA inspectors on a visit in April were denied access to the sites where the centrifuges are manufactured and the scientists involved. Some, the report states, were produced by Iran’s “military” (a reference to the Revolutionary Guards corps which is in charge of Iran’s nuclear weapons industry).

An official connected to the watchdog disclosed that since December, the Iranians have processed close to 150 kilograms, double the amount produced in the same period 18 months ago.

The watchdog director’s report was released Monday, May 26, to the IAEA’s 35-member board of directors and the UN Security Council, and will be discussed by the board next week."


Anonymous said...

Get the REAL facts about the IAEA report on Iran at IranAffairs.com

Belisarius said...

1. The BEST place for information is just downloading the document and reading it.

2. I checked that site and found nothing. Better luck next time.

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