Wednesday, May 28, 2008

FBI Warns: New al-Qaida WMD Threat

Another day, another threat. Is it terrorists desperate to seem relevant or Bush trying to scare people?

I know which I think! - FBI Warns: New al-Qaida WMD Threat: "The FBI issued a bulletin to 18,000 law enforcement agencies this week warning that al-Qaida has made new threats to use weapons of mass destruction against U.S. targets.

ABC News reported late Tuesday that intelligence sources have confirmed that al-Qaida plans to release a new video on the web sometime tomorrow. U.S. intelligence believes the terror group will advise its 'jihadists to use biological, chemical and nuclear weapons to attack the West.'

An FBI spokesman confirmed the threat 'calling for the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against civilians.' The U.S. has no 'intelligence of any specific plot or indication of a threat to the U.S.,' the Bureau spokesman said. Still, the FBI has taken the precautionary step of alerting other agencies of the potential threat.

Such threats are not unusual for the Bureau. Earlier this year, Dr. Vahid Majidi, the bureau’s assistant director in charge of the WMD Directorate, told Newsmax that the FBI gets at least several dozen cases a year involving weapons of mass destruction. [My emphasis]

The Bureau takes such threats seriously."

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