Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An Insider's View of Evolving Events in Iraq and Iran's Proxy War

Excellent proof of yet more wonderful news that the Media will ignore so that President Bush can be called a failure.

Wolf Howling: An Insider's View of Evolving Events in Iraq and Iran's Proxy War: "The counterinsurgency plan of the past year has included far more than simply “security actions.” Other critical actions have been aimed at building the Iraqi government’s institutional capacity in areas of “economic development, rule of law, security sector reform and really influencing not only key actors within Iraq but broadly throughout the region, to reinforce a movement toward political accommodation and ending the violence.”

Ten things of critical importance have taken place within Iraq over the past year:

1. Security: In terms of the security efforts, “Iraq’s communities have largely stopped shooting at each other.” That achievement belongs not just to U.S. forces, but also to “very courageous and determined Iraqi security forces who took extraordinary risk to make that happen.”"


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