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Jihadis vs Bikers

I am not sure what to think about working with the Hells Angels. They are racist drug dealers who are at least willing to fight against the Muslims, but they might demand too much in return in the long run. IF things return to some semblance of normality.

I think a better option is to form groups who will stand up to the Muslims without breaking any laws. Well, except for the PC ones that demand the immigrants be treated better than the nationals. When the cops are rougher on the locals than the foreigners, that is an issue.

Something... and Half of Something: Taking it to the Streets: "Taking it to the Streets

The United States of America can learn a lesson from Denmark, and what happens when a government places the rights and values of its own people behind a group of lawless, violent immigrants. That lesson would be that those very people will form their own groups and defend themselves, with violence. This is a bitter and terrible solution to something which could have been fixed so easily by simple acts of legislation.

The end result, in Denmark, ordinary citizens are joining for outlaw bikers gangs who are ready, willing and able to fight the moslem hordes because the police will not.

The Hell’s Angels biker group is experiencing a flood of new applications for membership, in particular for its support group AK81.

AK81 is a support group for the Hell’s Angels. The acronym stands for the Danish words Altid Klar (Always Ready), while 81 are the alphabet numbers for H and A.

The increase in membership enquiries comes in connection with a showdown in recent weeks between immigrant groups and the Hell’s Angels as well as shows of strength by Hell’s Angels members who have walked the streets of Copenhagen and Århus en masse.

A concerned police force has, however, registered the flood of interest in being recruited to what is termed the Hell’s Angels ‘mini-army’.

“We are worried that this is escalating and involving more and more people,” says Deputy Chief Superintendant Jørgen Isalin of the National Investigation Support Centre.

“It’s all going very fast now and there is no doubt that more and more people are joining. This is also happening on the other side too where large numbers of anti-social youths are supporting criminal immigrant groups who cause trouble in the streets and are provoking the Hell’s Angels,” he says.

Lines are being drawn in Denmark, lines between the lawless moslem gangs and the lawless biker gangs, and the police crackdowns are strangely one sided, the bikers go to jail and the moslems go free.

The police, who have used all their resources at keeping the bikers in check, have used a far more soft touch towards the muslim gangs. Very often the police withdraw from confrontations, and leave demolishing hordes of immigrants untouched, contrary to a simple house search or an arrrest relating to the Bikers’ gangs, when they arrive in overwhelming numbers, ready with bullet proof vests and submachine guns.

Only little more than a week ago, a gang of about 50 immigrants rampaged a whole street in Copenhagen Jægersborgsgade, a local neighborhood where some HA members have their homess, indiscriminately smashing up a number of cars. The police watched helplessly, and no arrests were made. The action was a display off of power, after bikers and their new supporter from AK81, had held a silent and non violent march through to demonstrate their willingness to fight for their turf.

Partly this is part of a government and EU strategy, which puts great restrictions on the police when dealing with immigrants and immigrant gangs. There always are the accusations of ‘racism’, and the muslim gangs are also much feared than the bikers when it comes to their threats to harm individual police officers or their families. Many policemen whose identities are known by the immigrant gangs, would rather not have their house torched or their loved ones attacked by the invaders who have taken their extremely violent mentality with them straight from the Middleast.

Being virulently anti-illegal immigration, I would support such actions by law abiding citizens here in this country against illegal immigrant and their gangs and being generally islamophobic, I would support such actions against rioting moslems as well, especially if they try to pull the same shit here as they do in Europe.

When you consider the crime statistics of illegal immigrants and the costs to Americans of illegal immigration, it's just a matter of time before Americans themselves begin to take matters into their own hands, seeing how our law enforcement agencies turn the other cheek and our government not only refuses to protect us, but continually increases our burden.

While reading up on the issue, I came across this little tidbit:

Perhaps this is the beginning of the real resistance.

When government fails to protect its citizens from violent gangs, it creates a vacuum, and it’s only natural that violent gangs should move in to fill the void. They’re not the kind of people with whom one would sit down to tea and crumpets, but they’ll get the job done.

The good burghers of Whoville sleep peacefully in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. But what if the only rough men that are available are the kind we don’t want to associate with? What if the only people willing to defend our race are… well, racists?

I personally know people in Britain who are going to hold their noses and vote for the BNP. They’re not in the slightest bit racist or anti-Semitic, but the BNP is the only party which is willing to stand up for the country and support a traditional British identity.

That’s why I believe in opening lines of communication to people in all parties that seriously oppose the Great Jihad. Rather than wait until these parties expel all the anti-Semites and become perfect, why not look for those members who already have the opinions we want, but who support the party because they think it’s their only hope?

The anti-Semitism will fall away naturally anyway for a party that wants to become a viable national force. Serious anti-Semites will defect to the other side, because the Muslims are their natural allies, and the rest of us aren’t.

We don’t have the luxury of waiting until all parties become perfect. There isn’t enough time. Make no mistake about it: the big crisis is on its way, and it will reach parts of Europe in ten years or less.

When the time comes, what if the only people who are willing to stand up and oppose Islam are the “racists”? What will the fascistophobes recommend then? That we lie down and die rather than have any truck with race-nationalists? That we submit to the jihad rather than violate the pristine righteousness of our moral state?

In 2020, or 2015, or 2012, as the twilight of Sharia rolls across the land, those who would remain pure in their non-racist principles will still be wringing their hands and wincing in distaste, right up until the last moment, when the cry of “Allahu Akhbar!” resounds as the knife descends upon their necks.

So anyone who intends to survive that moment may want to lie down with the dogs now, even if it means getting up with fleas later. There will be plenty of time afterwards for flea powder — assuming that the Great Jihad can be defeated.

Would you rather be right, or effective?

Ah. The enemy of my enemy argument. The problem is, the only thing the Hells Angels are willing to fight for is control of illegal drug trade and other criminal activity, and at last report, they're busy negotating a truce and turf deal with the moslems.

Reality is, a deal with the devil is just that, a deal with the devil. But law abiding citizens protecting home and hearth, fighting criminals rather than accept and submit, well. That's another story, and one I can get behind and support.

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