Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NEFA Foundation: Video of a "Terrorist Training Camp" in Canada

There is a lot of empty space in Canada that might resemble Pakistan or Afghanistan, to the undiscerning eye. With all of the "refugees" from Muslim terror who are allowed into Canada, naturally there are a few who just needed a break and are now working hard to kill non-Muslims again. Or training the next generation of terrorists.

Freedom of religion does not mean you get to practice the violent aspects. If you can not conform to the societal norms of the country you are in, go back to the country you left. I am sure they can use your skills.

Counterterrorism Blog: NEFA Foundation: Video of a "Terrorist Training Camp" in Canada: "The NEFA Foundation has obtained exclusive footage of a would-be 'terrorist training camp' that took place in a rural section of Canada in 2006. The camp, directed by CSIS confidential informant Mubin Shaikh, included members of the alleged “Toronto 18” terror cell, who are accused of conspiring to carry out a large-scale terrorist attack in southern Ontario, including plans for truck bombings and storming local buildings such as the Canadian Parliament and the headquarters of the CSIS. The video features footage of the men receiving instruction on the use of handguns, sniper tactics, and basic calisthenics. Crudely edited by its creators to include nasheed music, the video also shows the men practicing evasive driving maneuvers at night in an abandoned parking lot."

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