Monday, September 15, 2008

Terrorist Radicalization Poses a Threat to Latin America

With Chavez and his Iranian friends trying to create chaos in the world, will it take long for the lid to blow off the simmering pot in Central America?

We need to send in stabilizing forces and jobs! If the people have jobs and families, they are much less likely to fight and risk their lives.

Terrorist Radicalization Poses a Threat to Latin America: "Terrorist Radicalization Poses a Threat to Latin America

By Jerry Brewer

Mexico's use of 20,000 soldiers in 11 Mexican states against mega-cartels of murderous organized criminals is the prevailing demonstrative evidence of the vast terrorist radicalization process. Although narcotraffickers do not start out as terrorist groups, they evolve into the process as their mutual relationships and mission-based agendas are manipulated by a mentor's ideology. It is an easy choice, especially as the traffickers are vehemently targeted by police, military, and other government officials.

The threat and reality of a dedicated and persistent interdiction by enforcement officials transcends their psychotic greed and logic. This, to a point where one-upmanship becomes the misaligned itinerary to a mindset of psychological and personal vendetta by the leaders of the drug cartels. The massive rampage and death toll in Mexico clearly labels these organized criminals narcoterrorists.

The world threat and the struggle against radical Islam are continuing to foster a global mobilization of sorts by proactive democracies to prevent terrorism within their homelands. However, the radicalization of individuals by decree of the jihadist terrorist hierarchy must now be a primary focus, as lone wolf terrorists, homegrown cells and other radical insurgents are being urged"

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